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YMCA Palace: Fabulous men Kamil Lhoták

Kamil Lhoták's men. This is the new exhibition of portraits of the prominent Czech painter, graphic artist and illustrator Kamil Lhoták (1912-1990), who enchanted the world of airships, planes, bicycles and old cars. In the glass windows on the ground floor, but also in the corridors and stairs of the seven-story YMCA Palace in the center of Prague, around hundreds of paintings and roughly twice the reproduction of graphics and drawings will be presented.

In addition to the reproductions of famous works, some of Lhoták's works will appear in public for the first time. These include, in particular, graphics with portraits of interesting men whose professions were often related to technique, inventions, and movement.
The exhibition begins on 18 May and runs until 24 July. The street Na Naříčí 12 will be open every day from 8 to 20 hours. Free entry.

"The exhibition of male portraits by Kamil Lhoták in YMCA Palace is no coincidence. The palace was originally built in 1928 as a dormitory for free young men. And from the beginning, the YMCA, the oldest and largest international organization, has always been the home of YMCA, which has always shaped and promoted the harmonious development of young people - their spirit, souls and bodies. Her mission was to lead boys to build strong, self-confident and honorable men, and likewise YMCA later opened to girls, " says Palace Director Petra Otrisalova. And he adds that all the men that Lhotak has immortalized in his work remain young. Including his seventy-seven-year-old son, Kamil Lhotak of the younger, who says he will ride a bicycle a couple of miles a day in the beautiful countryside of Kutna Hora. The exhibition is also selling - after the end of the exhibition, buyers will be able to buy the reproduction.

Sailors, cyclists, fighters and athletes

As noted by the co-exhibitor Evžen Šknoureil, the secretary of Kamil Lhoták's Friends' Society, the men whom he portrayed often had jobs related to travel and transportation. They were sailors, motorcyclists, flyers and other wonderful men on flying and other machines. But also geographers, surveyors or climbers who have combined their profession and passion with exploration and exploration. Lhoták also created portraits of athletes, including cyclists, basketball players and balloons. "Among the historical figures Kamil Lhoták gave the painting was the writer Jules Verne or the painters Josef Šíma and Antonín Chitussi. He did not develop their appearance, but their world, work or vision, " says Evžen Šknouřil.

Kamil Lhoták began painting portraits of his friends since 1946. He portrayed his son, grandson and children of his friends. And also the poets of Jiří Kolář or František Hrubín. Some portraits were also painted by Lhoták on order to "be on the folders".
"We will see the last boy portrait from Kamil Lhoták from 1983. At that time he was immortalized by the eight-year-old son of his long-time friend, poet and editor-in-chief Jaromír Pelce. Together, they released several books. And Lhotak also gave Pelc his works on numerous exhibitions. Including the last of his life that took place in 1989, " says Evžen Šknouřil.

Do you know that ...?

The exhibition of portraits by Kamil Lhoták in the YMCA Palace will feature authorized reproductions of paintings on canvas with a copy of births of paintings according to the matrices, which was written by the author in 1937-1984? The originals will remain in the gallery's depositories and in private collections.

Kamil Lhoták, the famous Czech painter, graphic artist and illustrator, who renowned for the inimitable poetics of his paintings, was self-taught? He was incredibly hardworking and careful. And he had the principle that every day there must be at least one small drawing.

The day after 24 June when the exhibition ends, Kamila Lhoták's birthday has passed for 106 years.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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