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The Time of Love and Deal in Swan Theater

On May, a month of love, the Smíchov ensemble timed the long-awaited premiere of the famous game The Deeds and Love of the German classic Friedrich Schiller. The stunning story of young lovers who will lead the fateful struggle with their own inexperience and excitement and intrigue of the powerful will see the audience in the fresh direction of Martin František.

Drama-filled emotions, tension and unexpected humor in the style of Quentin Tarantino's films premiered on May 26, 2018 in the Grand Theater of Svánda Theater.

She (Denisa Barešová) is the daughter of a common musician and is married to a secretary. He (Tomáš Červinek) is the son of a high-ranking chancellor, and he planned the wedding with the most influential duchy of Duchy (Klára Cibulková). But the two fall in love with each other and stand up against the whole world. The pure love of two teenagers, Luis and Ferdinand, is against the cold calculations and the overwhelming gusts of those who pursue their own goals. Who in this battle will win? And who loses heart, illusion and possibly life? Schillero's ever-living play, processed in Swansea in a non-classic way, offers the audience the drama of love and innocence in today's world.

Theater blockbuster with film touch

Only twenty-five-year-old Friedrich Schiller wrote The Deeds and Love in 1784 after his storming escape from the tyrannical rule of Württemberg Duke Karel Eugen. An angry writer wanted to create a "brilliant blockbuster" for the theater. Which he did. His uncompromising, young energy-packed play about lovers of two troubled, socially unequal families does not coincide with the eternal story of Romeo and Juliet. Even after more than 200 years of its creation, Deeds and Love will not excite audiences or actors ...

Director Martin Františák reached for the new translation of Martin Sládeček, which was created directly for Švanda's theater. "The story of Luis and Ferdinand is a story of innocence in this world. The love of the two young people we've all experienced as the first time is the litmus paper of the society in which it takes place. In our case, it is cynical, based on wealth and corruption, a company of sharp elbows and quick solutions. With the consequences that the more powerful and sharper you are often unable to see, " says director Martin Františák.

Dramaturgy Martin Kinska adds: "When you're reading the Stories and Love, you can not defend the impression that if Schiller lived today, he would probably write for Hollywood. That's why we're going to be a brisk story with Quentin Tarantino's films - a story full of tension, sharp cuts and unexpected humor. "

Movement without movement

The central lover's couple is Denisa Barešová , a fresh graduate of DAMU in Prague, and a permanent member of Tomáš Červinek, actor of the Smíchov scene. In other roles, we will see Klára Cibulková in the role of an enthusiastic and seductive Lady Milford, Bohdan Pavlíková as Mrs. Miller and Maria Štípková as Sophia. Martin Dohnal, Miroslav Hruška, Hynek Chmelař, David Punchochar and Jiří Weiner are the men's cast. The performance will be performed by composer and actor Martin Dohnal . And the puppets of Bára Čechová will appear.

"Still there are places where you just need to stay sitting in order to be moved. The theater is such a place - and Schiller knew it, "
Martin Sládeček, translator of the game , is attracted to the new production.

The premiere of the staging and love will be on Saturday, May 26, the next repercussions are scheduled on May 29 and June 2 and 13.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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