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The jewels of Czech filmmaking are glamorous in Cannes

The gates of the Cannes International Film Festival (8th - 19th May 2018) - opened, even this year's official program shows Czech footprint. The Critics Week section will feature a co-production film Fugue and Cannes Classics digitally restored Night Démants. On the very first day, the festival handed over to the deceased director Milos Forman.

The State Film Fund and its Czech Film Center and Czech Film Commission will represent the Czech film and film industry in the Czech-Slovak pavilion on the Marché du Film film market. Three other Czech films will be screened on the market as well.

In the independent section Semaine de la Critique ( 9-17 May 2018), or the Critics' Week, the second feature film Agnieszky Smoczyńské Fuga , co-produced by Poland, the Czech Republic and Sweden, will be featured in the world premiere. The Czech co-producer of the film is producer Axman Production by Karla Stojáková and film production was also supported by the State Fund of Cinematography. Fugue is one of the seven pictures that have been selected for this section.

In the prestigious section dedicated to the jewels of world cinema, Cannes Classics was featured a feature-length debut by director Jan Němec Démanty noci of 1964, which this year digitally restored the National Film Archive. The festival gives hold to the recently deceased director Milos Forman.

Three films with Czech participation - animated Hurvínek and the Magic Museum (Martin Kotík, Inna Evlannikova), the winning film of this year's Berlinale, shot with Czech co-production, Do not Touch me ), and the Slovak-Czech Interpreter (Martin Šulík).
Other achievements include the inclusion of producer Radovan Síbrt in the program for filmmakers from Prominent Film Producers Producers on the Move, held in Cannes by International Film Promotion on May 10-14, 2018.

FUGA (directed by Agnieszka Smoczyńska) in the Critics' Week section

The psychological thriller tells the story of Alicia, who suffers from a loss of memory for which she has built her own free-spirited lifestyle. Two years later, she returns to her family to take on her wife, mother and daughter again, against her will. Her husband and son do not recognize a woman who looks familiar, but she behaves like a complete stranger. Feelings of alienation, love and flash of memories will spark Alicijin's inner heat.
"The fugue is about the social taboo about maternity and society's pressure on women to take on this role automatically. But what if it was not? What if a woman could forget about childbirth and her child? Would that make the decision again? " Asks director Agnieszka Smoczyńska for the overhead of her new film.

"Fugue is a" female film "in the true sense of the word and I was surprised not only by the script and approach of the producer Agnieszka Kurzydlo, but also by the very talented director Agnieszka Smoczyńska. I have enjoyed the cooperation from the very beginning until the joyous news that the film came to Semaine de la Critique, which was the culmination of the difficult journey of this film, " says Czech co-producer Karel Stojakova. "The film was partially filmed in the Czech Republic, with Czech music composer Filip Míšek and Czech VFX supervisor Michal Křeček from Magiclabu, where the whole picture postproduction of the film is also being performed" , adds Stojáková.

Tribute to Milos Forman in Cannes

The festival has given birth to the late-dead director, who, thanks to his work, was one of the world's greatest cinematographers on the first day of the Cinema de la Plage festival. This is precisely 50 years since Forman's filming Hori, which has a doll in the main competition of the festival, whose 21st edition was prematurely terminated due to the turbulent political development in France.
Even the work of Jan Němec returns to Cannes symbolically after fifty years this year - the German film about the festival and guests also paid for the cancellation of the festival. This year's prestigious Cannes Classics category will be screened by the German film Démanty noci, which has recently digitally restored the National Film Archive.

Night demons in the Cannes Classics section

The restored version of the feature-length debut of director Jan Němec Démanty noci , a representative of the Czechoslovak New Wave, will be screened this year at the Cannes Canvas Film Festival under the prestigious Cannes Classics section.
The film adaptation of the story of Arnošt Lustig about two Czech youths who escaped from the transport of death combines ideas, memories of life and surrealistic dreams. The German has occupied non-actors in the main roles, the dialogue is limited to the most basic verbal information. The film is one of the absolute top performers of Czech cinematography, as evidenced by the Grand Prix at the international festival in Mannheim, Germany, in 1964.

The film, restored by the National Film Archive, has been refurbished to the size closest to what the first viewers could see in 1964. Cannes will be featured alongside other world-renowned films such as 2001: Space Odyssey, Thieves, Flat , Pomada, Magic Deep, and more.
The revived Czech premiere of Demetas of the Night will enter cinemas at the end of August this year.

The Czech-Slovak Pavilion and the State Fund of Cinematography

An official representative of Czech cinematography at the festival and the Marché du Film film festival is the State Film and Cinematography Fund and its Czech Film Center and Czech Film Commission, whose representatives will be available at all times to foreign and Czech film professionals in the Czech-Slovak Pavilion. The Pavilion provides a functional meeting environment, offering the possibility of organizing presentations or networking meetings. CFC regularly organizes various events, mostly in cooperation with other Czech or foreign subjects, during the festival and provides background for all Czech and Slovak visitors. Participating in Cannes makes it possible to present Czech cinematography and the film industry at the highest global level.

Producers on the Move: Radovan Síbrt

The festival also hosts a program for film makers Producers on the Move. The selected 20 participants are selected by the international European Film Promotion, which brings together national film institutions. She is a member of the Czech Film Center for the Czech Republic. This year, Radovan Síbrt (Do not Touch Me When the War Comes), has been given to the Czech Republic among twenty promising European producers.

Producers on the Move is a three-day program for novice filmmakers who are ready for the international market but have not yet made more than 3 co-produced feature films. In the past, for example, Pavla Janoušková Kubečková, Jan Macola, Tomáš Hrubý, Viktor Tauš, Radim Prochazka, Jiří Konečný and others participated in the program for the Czech Republic.

Doc Alliance in Cannes

Can European Canadian Documentary Film Festival Network will be presented again this year. The Czech-Slovak film project Dubcek will be featured as part of the presentation of the five-transitional film documentaries in post-production: All people will be brothers of the Slovak director Robert Kirchhoff, on which the Czech side produces Jiří Konečný (endorfilm).

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