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Petr Vacek celebrates the celebration of the family today

His renowned actor, Petr Vacek, will perform his cookery art again at the Peace Square in the center of Prague at the charity bazaar. To celebrate the International Day of Families, which today reminds the whole world, cooks a potato pancake.

"A bowl of good soup on the table and the family around, it's almost a symbol. Children in children's homes have soup, but they do not have the family around the table. And we and our soup are trying to help them once they are able to have their family, " says Vacek. The bazaar organizes as every year a non-profit organization called Summer House, with which the actor cooperates.

The soup is said to deliver positive energy. It is also brewed in the newly prepared play of The Saturnin Jezero, which Petr Vacek directs here. At the bazaar behind him are also his actor colleagues from Jezerka Principal and actor Jan Hrušínský, Denisa Pfauserová, Anna Polívková and Miluše Šplechtová. The premieres of Saturnina, with the subtitle: Welcome to times when people behaved well, the audience at Divadlo Na Jezerce are waiting fifteen days later - May 30th.

A bazaar of clothing, books, fashion accessories and other items starts at 9:00 AM at the Peace Square and runs until 18:30. The proceeds will then go to Summer House programs to help children without a stable family background. This non-profit organization works with children in a difficult life situation and with foster families. "A child at risk threatens society. If today we help children who are disadvantaged, one of them will be one. They will be capable and kind people, creating values. When we cough up, they risk ending up on the street, they will not know anything, and they will hate us. Instead of benefit threat, instead of creating value ballast. So what's better? I'm clear about that, " says Petr Vacek and invites all those who like to help.

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