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The white color of cars has been the most popular worldwide for the seventh consecutive year

The white color of the new car has been the seventh worldwide number one last year. Neutral color shades have gained the favors of more than three-quarters of new car buyers, with no significant color. In the Czech Republic, white and gray dominated, while silver, orange, and purple completely dropped.

"The world-renowned color of new car colors last year for the seventh consecutive year was clearly 39 percent dominated by white. Black (16 percent), gray and silver (11 percent), blue (7 percent), red (6 percent), brown or beige (5 percent), yellow (3 percent ). The remaining one percent of the share was shared by other color shades, " says Roman Budský of the Road Safety Team.

White reigned in all parts of the world. However, the sovereign number one was in China, where 62 percent of new car owners opted for it. Approximately half of the new cars went white in other Asian countries (52%) and on the African continent (49%). On the contrary, the least adherents gained in North America (27%) and Europe (25%).

Whilst the white share did not change year on year, the black position deteriorated by 2%. Still, it continued to hold the position of a worldwide two. However, not in all parts of the world. Only the eighth place in India, the fourth in South America, took a bronze position in Africa, South Korea and Russia. Most popular were in Japan (22%), Europe (21%) and North America (20%). On the contrary, India only took on every ninth owner of a new car.

Almost 11% of new car owners decided to use gray or silver colors last year , just like in 2016. The silver color was the second in terms of popularity in India (30%), South America (22% share of new vehicles), Russia 20%) and Africa (13%). On the contrary, it ranked fourth in Europe, North America, South Korea and China. In the latter country, the share of silver in new cars is the lowest in the world, 6%. Gray color was a hit in South Korea, where she was second in terms of popularity. A total of 21% of new vehicles were wearing a gray garment, which was the most in the world. On the European continent it was one percent less, but Gray was only third. On the contrary, the color was in China (8th position and only 2% at the same time) and in Japan (seventh place and 4% share).

With a distinct distance in the popularity list, the colors are red, blue and brown, respectively. beige. Here, however, the share of popularity has changed year on year. While in 2016 these colors gained the favor of new car owners equally at 6 percent, last year they improved one-percent blue, the position of red did not change and brown or beige, on the other hand, worse.
Blue was a hit in Japan, with an 8% stake in the fourth position. In Europe and North America, it was only the fifth, but it was the choice of a tenth of new vehicle buyers. On the contrary, it did not succeed in South America, China and other Asian countries, where blue took the seventh position. Just every 50th, the new car went in a blue coat on the road in China and South America.
Red was successful in India, where she took fourth place in the popularity of colors. She was fifth in Japan and South America. Red, however, dropped completely in Russia, where it moved up to eighth position and attracted only 3% of buyers.
Brown or beige definitely reigned in China, last year they were symbolically the bronze position. This means that every fourteen new car came out in one of these colors. In Asia, in general, these colors were shared by a potato medal, yet they were chosen by every sixteenth owner of the new car. The fourth barrage of these colors belonged to Russia, but it also meant that every tenth new car was great. In other parts of the world, it has been considerably worse, and in South America, for example, these colors with a one-percent share of new cars were up to eighth.

For yellow (or gold) color globally, just 3% of buyers decided the same as a year ago. They preferred her in China, where she occupied 5% of the fifth position. In other regions of the world, it was one of the least preferred colors, though every 25th owner of the new vehicle chose it in India. Compared to 2016, the green color position has not changed, only a new car has been found on every floor. An exception were the Russians, where 3% of the buyers chose it, but in the rest of the world it was a maximum of one percent.

In Europe luxury cars mainly in black, sportswear in white

In Europe, the white color, as in other parts of the world, was the most popular. However, those who bought more expensive and luxury vehicles were first in black, the second choice was gray and white occupied the third position. Sports cars on our continent were mostly white, followed by gray, black, blue, and perhaps surprisingly the fifth red. A total drop in all categories of cars was green.

The Czechs preferred white and gray. However, there are large differences between individual brands
In 2017, the new passenger car came out of the shop in white (29.5%). The second bar was gray (22.8%) and third blue (13.8%). The black curb (11.6%) and red (10.5%) followed closely. Brown gained 6.3% of buyers, green-yellow 2.8%, green 1.7%. The other colors were a rarity on new cars. The orange rose to 0.7 and purple to 0.2 percent of new vehicles, the other shades are only marginal. Compared to the European average, the colors of red, blue and green are more popular in our country; on the other hand, the cars are black and pure silver.

Significantly the largest share of white vehicles registered for the first time is the statistics of the Škoda, Dacia, Hyundai, Kia, Renault and Seat brands. "These brands are made largely by entrepreneurs. The white color is the ideal basis for subsequent postmarking by corporate inscriptions, plus it can usually be bought at no extra charge, " says Roman Budský. Black has traditionally been a symbol of luxury. Not surprisingly, it has had a significant share in the new Audi, BMW, Jeep, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. Gray as the one chosen by new Ford owners. Green was the most popular among those who bought a new Ladu. Well and red ? Traditionally, most of them have been chosen by alfists and owners of the new Ferrari. Most popular was also with newly registered Mazda or Honda cars.

Interestingly, the comparison of the popularity of colors in newly registered vehicles with 2011 was the one with 19.4 percent gray, the other with two percent less. The third place was red (15.6%), followed by blue (12.9%) and black (12.1%). Surprisingly, sixteen years ago, every fourteen newly registered car was silver. Compared to last year, more than double the number of cars in green (3.9%).

Source: tz, edited editorially

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