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Štefan Margita fulfilled the dream of Zlatá Adamovská

In 1973, she was a well-known and very popular singer and actress of French-Italian-Egyptian Dalida in a duet with the legendary French actor Alain Delon duet Paroles paroles. It soon became a big hit not only in France and in many European countries, but also in Japan, Mexico and Canada.

Delon returned to the song after twenty-three years, in honor of Dalida, along with Céline Dion, in one of the French New Year's Eve television programs.
In this country, this song was recorded with the Czech text by Martin Chodura Slova Zlata Adamovská and Štefan Margita and will be released on May 25 at Margit's chanson album Love Map .

" The problem with writing a Czech text for me was that the original man was talking and the woman was singing. And I had to turn it all up, including text, " says Martin Chodur.
"When we recorded the song, we went with the Gold for lunch. There was a radio in the restaurant, and nothing was heard of in Dalidino and Delone's song Paroles paroles. We both stiffened. And then there are no things between heaven and earth, " remembers Stefan Margita.

Actress Zlata Adamovska adds: "Chansons Bécaud, Mathieu, Brela, Piaf or Hana Heger formed my youth and teenage years. I still note with them when I leave the old gramodes from nostalgia. Therefore, when Stefan Margita addressed me to cooperate with him on the duet of the Word, I did not hesitate for a moment. I knew the chanson in the original and I really enjoyed it then. However, once I'm going to be Alain Delon in a woman's performance, I did not even dream in my dream. When Marie Rotrova once sang with Jirka Bartoška, ​​the Key to Happiness duet, I really wanted to be able to "create" a similar duet with a singer. More than thirty years have passed since then, and I am very pleased that my voice has met in a duet with an unmistakable Stefano tenor. My dream came true".

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