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Odzala de Alpaville Bohemia. Another raspberry to protect the elephants from the poachers

When Hannah Böhme, a cynologist, went on to pick another Belgian "little kitten" for training, she gave puppies the job of scrambling feeding in the garden. "I wanted a puppy that can last longer and will return to the places where she was feeding," explains Hana Böhme.

She met Odzalou de Alpaville Bohemia , the Belgian shepherd Malinois (hence the ragged raspbery or small bird), who is now preparing for a challenging mission in Africa. Desire's job will look. Ivory hidden in cars, scales of pods or sharp bullets. It thus helps against illegal trade in endangered species.

Hana Böhme from Česká Lípa has a long-standing experience with the training of dogs for Africa. In 2015 Camou was escorted to Africa. But she died in a car accident. In Congo are her other trustees Rick and Shon and three puppies after Cama - Doli, Titan and Pluto. Böhme is now preparing Odzal. It awaits a trip to the African Congo, where you have been blooming with the endangered animal species for years.

The work is demanding for dogs. Heat, stress and not always kind people. Checks often take place in busy places, full of cars and people, smoke from exhausts and noise. "A lot of dissatisfied people are screaming, shouting, screaming, there are a lot of stressful situations, and they can not move with these dogs, so we're sending out the best we have," says Böhme.


How long does the dog withstand the workload? "It's like people, everyone is different, and everyone can hold on to something else," says Hana Böhme. Typically, the dogs can work for 8 to 10 years, then go into canine retirement. "Cama might have been looking for a little bit lately, for Shon, he searched two buses and could not," says Böhme.

She took the main part of the training in the Czech Republic, but part of the training must be done on the spot. "It is necessary for a dog to play with his new dog handler, and he has to learn to work together," says Böhme. The training then goes on continuously. "It's like athletes, they also train between races," explains Böhm and adds that training a dog and transporting it to Africa will cost 350,000 CZK, but everyone can support it.

Author: Martin Mach Ondřej, Editor-in-Chief of server

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