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Sculpture Line. Statues in the streets will be accompanied by an exhibition in Mánes

Kurt Gebauer's giant head at Novoměstská radnice, the majestic Throne of Antonín Kašpar in Vyšehrad, provocative skeletons Like by Kryštof Hošek on Jungmann Square, Bronze players of Michal Gabriel near Bastion, iron Keř Jakub Flejasar in the Franciscan Garden or the glamorous Nenežranec Andrey Margoče at the Dancing House ...

... Sculpture Line Sculpture Line Sculpture Line Sculpture Line Sculpture Line Sculpture Line Sculpture Line Sculpture Line Sculpture Line sculpture sculpture sculpture sculpture sculpture sculpture sculpture sculpture sculpture sculpture sculpture sculpture sculpture sculpture sculpture The Sculpture Line sculpture line will lead Pardubice, Pilsen, Broumov, Liberec, Jablonec, Ostrava, Trutnov, Zlin, Brno and Vratislavice this year.

For the first time, Sculpture Line is not only going to the streets for the first time; the festival will be accompanied by an interior exhibition in Mánes, Prague. From 15 to 29 June, she will offer a showcase of smaller sculptures and interior sculptures. Afterwards, the exhibition will go to other cities where the Sculpture Line is underway.

SCULPTURE LINE Sculpture Festival will take place from 13 June to 30 September in a number of Czech and Moravian cities. Statues and paintings of Czech artists will also be sent to Sculpture Line abroad, specifically to Luxembourg, where the Archimedon statue of Lukáš Rais will be placed, as well as to Germany, where Czech works will be part of the Nord Art exhibition project.


Residents and tourists will meet on the road with the installation of renowned domestic and foreign authors. In addition to the above-mentioned works, the three-dimensional Tomáš Medek's Capsule will be waiting for Black Swan or Dynamic Stefano Milkova to be seen on Václav Havel Square. In front of ČEZ's building will be the almost three-meter steel tree from Iva Mrázková and her Feminite will be decorated by the Ministry of Culture. In Na Příkopě you will find your new home, Rememberence of a Desire, from the German sculptor Jörg Plickat, and its next installation, called Valse, will be seen in the Republic Square. Originally, Estonian sculptor Inga Aru created a pair of sculptures called Muse of Industry that will welcome passers-by in front of the Kotva department store. And that's not far from everything.


Last year, Pilsen residents fascinated, among other things, the etheric connection of Veronika Psotková, which floated on the Smetana class or Sharkfin Jaroslava Chramosta, which emerged from the grassy area above the Mlýnska Strouha. This year, the inhabitants of the West Bohemian metropolis can enjoy, for example, the playful Bathing from the famous sculptor Michal Gabriel in Mill Mill, the noble Angel of the Sea by Michal Trpák, floating above the heads of visitors DEPO2015, the Levite figure of Jakub Flejasar at Lochotín or the Hand of Alexandra Koláčková the InterCora building.


Sculpture Line Festival will connect with the RE: PUBLIC festival in the South Moravian metropolis. At the Brno Exhibition Center there will be a giant Rounded by Jan Dostál.


Palacky class will be framed by a pair of statues. Visitors and locals will meet the elegant explorers of the well-known Czech artist Michal Gabriel on their journeys and they will be fascinated by the massive Iron Horse of Jakub Flejasar. And because horses to Pardubice inherently belong, they will be given other installations, this horse also "runs off" from the studio of Michael Gabriel. Other statues that will decorate the city until autumn will be the Great Missionary Jaroslav Koleš, fascinating Compact Disk by Stefano Milko and his other statue Adam.


Directly on the Peace Square, the elegant blue Dancers of Michael Gabriel will welcome the local everyday. In Kostelní Street in front of grammar school he will find his new home Archimedon II. The massive object, which genially combines graceful shapes with a "crude" look of iron, comes from the works of Luke Rais.

Liberec, Jablonec nad Nisou and Vratislavice

The giant Sitting figure of Jakub Flejasar is settled in Jablonec on the Peace Square. Wroclaw decorates a wooden statue for Richard Serra. Square Dr. E. Beneš in Liberec will be dominated by the massive Bronze rider Michal Gabriel. Before the Regional Gallery there will be a metal statue of Jan Dostál called Three.


A large collection of robust metal sculptures titled Tribute to Josef Beuys from the academic sculptor Anthony Kašpar will be shown on Jirásk's Square. The three metal pianos with a cross instead of a wing are a memorial to the friend of the author, the nobility of modern conceptual art by Joseph Beuys.
The pink statue of Two Slovak sculptor Andrej Margosa and the square of Dr. E. Beneš at the town hall will be located Etreinte by Iva Mrázková. In the Porubska Street near the Arch, passers-by will meet a giant installation bearing the name of the Leg. A massive object that genially connects graceful shapes with a "raw" appearance of iron comes from Lukáš Rais' workshop. At the end of the Main Street, where he meets the French Street, he finds for a few months his new home, the remarkable yellow Oharek in the Dark of Darkness. The work, based on the principle of enclosed spatial drawings, was given its name because its lines resemble the "drawing" of a burnt twig in the dark.

The Nord Art Exhibition project is unique in European conditions not only by its scale, but also by the emphasis on quality, careful and exclusive access to the selection of works. This year, the one exhibition, dedicated to Sculpture Line, will be dedicated to Czech artists. The curators are Michal Gabriel and Lucie Pangrácová.

SCULPTURE LINE places contemporary sculptures in the public space to bring new emotions into it, give it a new face, suggest new stories. By selecting a location or a route, the visitor will discover further contexts of place, time, and artwork. In the past three years of the festival, she has been attracted by variations on the Buddha Statue at Václav Havel Airport, Explorers or the Giant Octopus floating on the Vltava River, the majestic bronze Koně Michaela Gabriela "groping" on the piazza of the National Theater or the Feet of Kurt Gebauer's water located in Vojan's orchards. The golden peak of last year was undoubtedly the installation of an important contemporary British sculptor, the holder of the Turner Prize, Tony Cragga in the Republic Square, or the statue of the Nestor of Czech Sculpture Olbram Zoubek. In Plzeň the etheric connection of Veronika Psotková, which floated on the Smetana Class or Sharkfin of Jaroslav Chramosta, came from Pilsen, which emerged from the grassy area above the Mlýnska Strouha.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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