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The allergy is a natural way or the herbs that help with rhinitis or eczema

Ubiquitous airborne pollen suffers from allergies this year more than in other years. The pollen season does not end at all. While the season of airborne allergens from birch slowly subsides, allergens are currently troubled by pollen, beech, walnuts and the beginning of the grass season.

Also, you are having trouble with the unpleasant symptoms of allergy, but do not want to deal with the products from the pharmacy? Here are some tips on how to deal naturally with cold, eye burns and eczema, which are among the most common consequences of an allergic reaction.

Allergic rhinitis will help grep or divisible oil

Allergy is the response of the organism to the surrounding effects, it is necessary to realize the nature of the problems and solve it. The organism needs to de-perfuse and strengthen the activity of the pancreas, which also controls the mucous membranes. Here, the tincture will help. The natural antibiotic and antiallergic agent on the upper respiratory tract is mushroom and marigold. Also important is the support of the anti-allergic component of the organism, the most effective means in nature is in this case a blackcurrant gemmotherapeutist. Respiratory allergenic auxiliaries can be a herbal aerosol spray applied to the chest, or divisible or grapefruit oil for the treatment of the mucous membrane of the nose.

Irrespective of the eyes, the blueberries or the skylight will be relieved

Most allergens also face irritation during the pollen season. Insufficient pruritus and redness of the eyes should not be underestimated, as it can only result in conjunctivitis. Even in this case, however, it can be herbs. Very powerful are the preparations of blueberry, especially gemmotherapeutics. They help fight infections and positively affect the quality of vision. You can also try tattoos from the medical skylight on irritated eyes. To get it, simply pour 30 g of herbs with half a liter of boiling water. After about 10 minutes, drain the leachate and let it cool down. You can then put the fluid on your face up to three times a day.

Kalina tušalaj will help not only in skin allergy

Pollen allergy, but also on the first sharp sun may also appear on the skin. Instead, add irritating skin and rashes to a black currant that is suitable for unwanted skin reactions. Excellent effects are also brought by the less well-known herb of Tuvalu. "Kalina tušalaj helps the body overcome the effects of unfavorable external stimuli that can cause dyspnea, hay fever and skin changes. It will become a reliable helper during allergies, " says herbalist Jarmila Podhorná.

Moon and mushroom - an effective combination for breathing problems

Asthmatics belong to the group that suffers the most during the pollen season. To cope often with whistling on the bronchi, coughing, grumbling and difficulty in breathing. Help them with herbal cures based on marigold or mushroom. Just because marigold is relieved by coughs and dyspnea, tincture of mushroom again supports the proper functioning of the bronchi. In order to improve the functioning of the respiratory system, we can then use gemmotherapeutics from hornbeam and divisna.

Search for the causes of allergy

You can find a number of helpers in pharmacies and natural resources to relieve you from annoying allergic symptoms. Keep in mind, however, that it is not a long-term effective solution to the consequences, but it is necessary to focus on the cause of the allergy. Its origin often lies primarily in clogging the body with unwanted substances and weakening immunity. "In case of an allergy problem, it is also necessary to strengthen the activity of the liver and to clean the intestines, for example, with the aid of a thistle, juniper and juniper. The activity of the pancreas promotes the preparations of the pen, the kidney is suitable for juniper or heather, " explains Jarmila Podhorna of Naděje and adds that a healthy lifestyle should also be a matter of course without the use of unnecessary amount of industrially processed food, regular movement and stay in a clean environment , where it is often ventilated.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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