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In sport, I forget rheumatism and nothing hurts me

There are times when sick people of all kinds advised to save themselves. The key to today is to move. And it's not just a momentary fashion - the benefit of movement is proven by research.

Sport is one of the things that make us, chronically ill, well. I belong to sports supporters and I must say that I can not imagine life without it. Do you think I'm a native athlete? But not at all. I have been a gifted intellectual since my childhood, without much physical talent. I started sports late at about 14 years. I did not want to look "spooky" - I had a total weight of 56 kg at 172 cm (without comment). I started practicing at home, the condition went up and soon my classmate invited me to the athletic section.

No motivation

I will not delay the details, but 15 years of hard work. Athletics, cycling, I was taught as a spinning instructor. I felt a huge responsibility for myself, I wanted to rave my honest training at the races. But there was a failure for failure, and when I left for my motherhood, I was just frustrated about the sport. Then everything changed. When I waited for the second child, my knuckles began to hurt. After the sport, however, the difficulties disappeared. At that time no one knew that it was not so.

Second Beginning

I was 32 years old, for performance sports I was written off. It did not really matter how fast I ran, I did it only for my health and good feeling (which, surprisingly, came up with iron regularity). When the night spine pain was added to the pain of the cross-armed joints (so-called "sausage"), I went to the rheumatoid arthritis. She sent me straight for an examination that was positive - confirmed advanced psoriatic spondylarthritis.

Happy ending?

At the moment, running is the only thing that makes me feel good. I do this every day. The back is relaxed, for a moment everything stops hurting. When I can not run, I suffer like an animal. And it became a strange thing - my friends invited me to the races. I did not expect anything because of my health. But during the race, the euphoria came to the place of stress, which dragged me forward. I ran eight, I left behind 193 women. Since then, my password has been forwarded to me "I will shake all healthy people". It is very encouraging. Chuck too. That's it.

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