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EkoEDA: pupils of Czech schools have collected a record 25 tonnes of electrical waste

Pupils of native, elementary and secondary schools from all over the Czech Republic competed from February to mid-May to collect unnecessary or retired electrical equipment and batteries. Thanks to the EkoEDA competition, which was supposed to teach them what the specific category of waste electrical and electronic equipment belongs to, they sorted out 24,747 kg. The most active were children from the Dušnice Kindergarten in the Ústí nad Labem Region. You surrendered over 7 tonnes of unnecessary electricity to recycle.

Engaging schools in environmental education, as well as practical recycling, are important elements of our ecological behavior. The interest of Czech schools in the EkoEDA recycling competition is evidence of the fact that the subject of electrical waste treatment can resonate even with the youngest generations. This year, over 50 students participated in the project and their students were able to sort out nearly 25 tons of electrical waste together. "The total amount of electrical waste and batteries collected was record this year. The recycling of the material contained in the surplus electrical equipment saved 16 240 kg of CO2, equivalent to, for example, 101 500 km of a small petrol car. Such a way would have offended if the 2.5x equator was envisioned, " calculates David Vandrovec, REMA's director of the EkoEDA competition.

The first place in the kindergarten category and the overall victory in the competition won with great advantage the Kindergarten Dušníky from Ústí nad Labem. There was gathered for recycling 7.2 tons of electrical waste, ie 298 kilograms per pupil. Primary in the category of elementary and secondary schools was the Special School of Diaconia ČCE Ostrava, where each pupil ranked an average of 34 kilograms of electra. Environmental technology, televisions, and refrigeration equipment were most often used for ecological disposal. The essence of the competition is to bring the recycling of waste electrical and electronic waste to children and teenagers, because it is perhaps the most distant, unlike classical plastic or paper sorting.

This year's competition was also part of the competition Become a guardian of the forest, which is under the baton of Prague Zoo. Within this contest, schools could send unused mobile devices. For each cell phone or tablet you're given, the zoo receives $ 10 from REMA System, which then goes to the "Help them survive" collection and is supported by nature conservation in Central Africa. In less than 4 months, nearly 6,000 unneeded devices were gathered, with the most powerful pupils from the Elementary and Kindergarten in Řehlovice near Ústí nad Labem. On average, each student brought 12 mobile phones or tablets.

"I thank all the participating schools to help us,"
said Miroslav Bobek, Director of the Prague Zoo. He added: "From the funds we receive, we are in the process of preparing educational programs for children from the Dja biosphere reserve in Cameroon, especially the Toulavý bus project. We are trying to limit illegal gorilla fishing for lowland and other endangered species. "

All awards can look forward to gifts in kind, such as tablets from a contest partner, Vodafone. "We want children and young people to realize that technology is also a useful tool to protect our planet," says Vodafone Corporate Communications and Sustainable Business Adriana Dergam, adding: "They can help guard the endangered species, monitor the state of the environment and often replace the need to use transport, which reduces emissions of harmful gases. "

Pupils who have won the challenge Become a guardian of the forest, in addition, they will try an unusual experience program at the Prague Zoo. Encouraging children's interest in the sorting of electrical waste, REMA also wants another school year. Those interested in the issue can now report to the Green School project. He currently brings together over 460 domestic institutions to educate pupils and provide educators with comprehensive information on waste sorting issues.

Complete results of the EkoEDA competition:
1st place: Mateřská škola Dušníky, příspěvková organizace
2nd place: Kindergarten of Mayor Hájka Uherský Brod
3rd place: Čtyřlístek Poděbrady, zs

Primary and Secondary Schools

1st place: Kindergarten and Primary School of Special Diakonia of the City of Ostrava
2nd place: Elementary School and School Skorošice, contribution organization
3rd place: Elementary School and Kindergarten of Řehlovice, contributory organization

The winner in the supplementary competition Become the guardian of the forest was the Elementary School and the Kindergarten of Řehlovice.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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