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Sea turtles live on the planet for 110 million years

Sea turtles, animals inhabiting the Earth for more than 110 million years, are at risk of extinction. In the ocean, turtles play a vital role in the functioning of coral ecosystems. The populations of all seven species of sea turtles are falling sharply, informing about the organization Protect sea turtles that help protect turtles.

Four of the seven species are considered to be critically endangered, another three as endangered by extinction. The worst is the situation in the Indian Ocean, where the populations of sea turtles have disappeared in many places. Sea levels rise due to global warming, so the eggs are more likely to flood.

The problem is also that the beach is dwindling, as a consequence, the tortoise is physically destroyed by the digging of its nest at the same place as previously stored. Residual light penetrating beaches from inhabited areas disorients youngsters. The biggest problem, however, is the direct collection of turtle eggs and the killing of females for meat. In the ocean, adult sea turtles have almost no natural enemies, but the threat to them is intense fishing. Because of marine pollution, turtles are at risk of life-threatening illnesses, which are more easily subject to weakening of immunity.

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Sea turtles are omnivorous. Their food includes jellyfish, mushrooms, crustaceans and small fish. The turtles repeatedly migrate for thousands of miles for food and reproduction. Due to the difficult migration associated with many threats, sea turtles do not reproduce regularly every year.

Today (May 23) is the International Day of the Turtle, which has been announced since 2000 by American Tortoise Rescue.

Author: Blanka Štiková

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