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Whatever your nature is in jeopardy

Hiking, mushroom picking and camping have a long tradition in the Czech Republic. However, many legal rules apply for movement and stay in the countryside. The protection of nature and landscapes is governed not only by the laws but also by the regulations of the national parks and by the regulations of the towns and municipalities. A fine of five, or even one hundred, thousand crowns may be imposed for their violation.

During the walk it is possible without permission to go through land owned or leased by the state, municipality or other legal entity. However, it is not possible to enter any land that is owned or rented by an individual or more people. "If the land is subject to the right of free passage, the owner or tenant must allow the passage. As you pass through, you may not be harmed by entering or staying on the property, damaging privacy, behaving noiselessly or in a different way, " says Lukáš Zelený, head of the legal department of the consumer organization dTest.

In a landscape where something is growing or behaving, the situation is even stricter. You can not go through built plots, yards, gardens, orchards, vineyards, hop gardens, and farms to farm animals, whether it belongs to anyone. "You may not walk through arable land and meadows during periods of damage to crops or land. The same is true for pastures when the cattle are grazing, " says Lukas Zeleny, adding: " You can only move on marked paths in the first zones of national parks and throughout the national nature reserves. "

In national parks, protected landscape areas and national reservations, they must not enter outside designated areas, discard garbage, camp and fire, and drive in motor vehicles. In the national parks and national nature reserves, plants can not be harvested, except for the collection of forest crops, and animals are captured. Cycling, mountaineering, flying on paragliding or hang gliders in national parks and national nature reserves can only be done on the road, local roads or in reserved areas. Any additional prohibitions related to nature protection are set by the Parks and Reserves Regulations.

Regardless of whether it is a protected area, it is forbidden in nature to disturb the peace and to carry out all the activities that nature destroys. Among other things, it is forbidden to carry out landscaping and construction, to collect and extract minerals or to collect seeds and seedlings. Also, it is not allowed to enter the fenced areas and places marked by the entry ban. You can enter the forest at your own risk while not riding bicycles, horses, sledges and skis outside the forest path. Fire can be made and kept at least 50 meters from the edge of the forest. Also, do not smoke and throw away burning or smoldering objects in the woods.

"It is not necessary to remind scouts that protected areas are forbidden to camp outside the reserved area. The same prohibition applies to camping in forests. Camping may also be prohibited by municipal regulations. You can stay there where it is not specifically forbidden. Since camping, it is different when you are camping in the forest, for example, you can not build a tent or prepare food. Simply put, after you have been over, you should stay the highest grass. If you spend more nights in one place, it would be camping, " explains Lukas Zeleny.

Fruit can be harvested where it is not forbidden but only for its own use. However, it is forbidden to collect protected species of mushrooms. The harvest also must not be carried out in a way that damages the forest, for example, in the case of blueberries, combs must not be used . "If a dog is doing you, you should have him in the woods on a leash. The dog can shoot the hunting guard in the belief that it is a stray dog ​​hunting game at a distance of more than 200 meters from the nearest dwelling , " warns Lukas Zeleny. However, dogs of sheep and hunting, sleeper, medical, rescue and service dogs can not be killed. Later, of course, it can be argued that the hunter has followed the situation in accordance with the law, but the dog no longer returns you.

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