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The most satisfying sexual lives are the Indians and the Mexicans, the least satisfied are the Japan

The most satisfying sexual life is led by Indians, Mexicans and Brazilians. On the contrary, the least satisfied are people in Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong. This results from Tenga's latest survey, which was attended by 13,000 people from 18 countries around the world. The study also shows that 78% of people are masturbating. The most widespread is self-deception in the UK, and most of the British of all the nations in question use erotic aids.

The most satisfied with the quality and frequency of sex, orgasm, and masturbation are people in India (86 on a scale of 1 to 100), followed by Mexicans (82) and Brazilians (81). Of the European countries, people in the UK are best in this respect (67). The least satisfaction is with the Japanese (38) and the people of South Korea (41) and Hong Kong (52). This results from a new survey by the Japanese company Tenga, which specializes in modern, design masturbation aids. The survey was attended by 13,000 respondents from 18 countries and focused on the views and attitudes of people to masturbation, sex and sexuality.

Masturbation is widespread, but a third of people sometimes lied about it

The self-proclaimed is the overwhelming majority of respondents - 78%. The most widespread is masturbation in the UK, where 96% of men and 78% of women are involved. The same percentage of men were also recorded in South Korea and the United States. As for women, the Germans and Americans are the most active in masturbation (76%). Most people also agree that they are healthy for masturbation - that's what most people think of in the United States (59%); in Japan, it's just over a quarter (27%). However, despite the fact that masturbation is widespread, almost a third of respondents (30%) admit that they have denied it sometime.
"Self-destruction has been a relatively taboo topic for a long time in human history. Even today, we often see the idea that men and women running masturbation are desperate individuals who can not find a sex partner. Masturbation is, however, completely natural and beneficial. It helps people to know their body and build healthy sexual self-confidence, " says Adam Durčák ( According to him, those people in whom masturbation is a more open subject are more satisfied with their sex life.

Erotic toys most use in Britain, the least in Hong Kong

The survey also provided insight into the use of sexual aids. These are the most common among the British (28%), the Americans (27%), the Germans (26%) and the Australians (24%). On the contrary, people in Hong Kong (12%), Japan (13%) and India (15%) use the least. However, Czechs do not miss the use of erotic toys. "We are seeing growth every year on the Czech market with sexual aids, mainly because of e-shop sales, as people see this as a more discreet alternative. A recent survey shows that erotic toys buy 35% to 59% of Czechs and 41% of Czechs, " says Adam Durčák.

The ideal man is honest and trustworthy

Tenga's study finally touched even the erratic levels of eroticism. As to the question of which aspect of their sex life is most important to them, all respondents agreed on identical answers, namely emotional communication with a partner. The attributes of the ideal man were also mentioned, most of whom are the most honest in this respect, for example, credibility and intelligence.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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