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Healthy doping: Fruit and vegetables must not be missed!

Someone can not even look at vegetables, others consider it the basis of eating. Definitely, with our fruit, we should have a more prominent presence than we do now.

Man is omnivore, and his diet should be especially varied. You do not build a balanced diet of vegetables or fruits, but they do not pay off their consumption neglected. Vegetables have beneficial effects on the health, which is especially important for chronically ill and hence for people with heresy.

Blow for the body

Do not make sure your vegetables are disgusting. If you've been eating it for the last time in the school cafeteria, it's time to try again. If you can prepare vegetables, everyone chooses today. And why are the fruits and vegetables in the diet so crucial?
Research has repeatedly shown that increased intake of fruit and vegetables reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Thanks to potassium, vegetables help regulate blood pressure and reverse the negative effects of increased salt intake. And with salt it has problems almost every Czech.
Healthy fruits protect us from cancer. Mechanisms of how the body works are many and the effects are striking.
Some types of fruit reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.
The contained fiber and water facilitate digestion.
Vegetables and fruits also protect eyesight from some disorders and premature degeneration.

Four clever tips on how to bite into vegetables

Do not store fruits and vegetables in the fridge or in the crate. Keep them in touch - you will remember that you need to quickly consume them.
Change your route by self-service. Occasionally you can bypass the islet with fruit and vegetables from the opposite side and find products that you can enjoy.
Potatoes are not counted in the volume of vegetables consumed. Take them as an attachment, your need for vegetables can not be fulfilled.
Use vegetables and some fruits while cooking regularly. Interesting recipes are everywhere.

Source: Ereska

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