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Did you win over addiction? Just to keep it!

Unfortunately, the successful termination of treatment with the help of experts does not always mean a definitive win over addiction. It is only at this point that a real life free of narcotics begins with all its pitfalls. How to handle it?

Between the eyes or the group

In order to make the next life course of the addictive person moving in the right direction, it is advisable not to underestimate the highly recommended follow-up activities. This follow-up care, which patients often use for decades after completing regime-based addiction treatment, can take several forms. First of all, it is a regular visit to a psychiatrist's ambulance or a psychotherapist. But there are other options, including:
group-based psychotherapy for addictive psychotherapy, which is led by an expert,
self-help groups such as anonymous alcoholics, addicts or gamblers,
counseling centers that help clients in the social sphere (getting employment, housing, solving legal problems in the past, completing a study, etc.)
a variety of leisure activities on whose organization and preparation the client of the treatment center participates (sports, cultural activities, excursions),
so-called repeat or graduate stays in dependency clinics that have been abstinent for some time.

Do not let go of laurels

All post-natal activities are aimed at strengthening the motivation of a person to long-term abstinence. Their task is also to help the client cope with the possible "slipping" (relapse) in order to learn from him and not become addicted again. During group or individual interviews, psychological problems, complex family and partner relationships, or a variety of risky situations are often discussed. Many such programs take place in the evenings. In order to find the time and the person who has successfully joined the work process.

The euphoria of a successful detox and subsequent regime-based treatment is understandable, but it should not overlap some vigilance. Long-term after-treatment is an indispensable part of therapy for so many unpredictable and chronic illnesses, of which dependence is undoubtedly.

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