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Growth hormone also needs blood vessels and heart

Growth hormone is known primarily for its growth impact during childhood and adolescence. But it is important throughout life. It significantly influences, for example, heart and vessel health, in several ways.

1. Avoid damaging the blood vessels

People with growth hormone deficiency have a higher risk of damage to the vessel wall and faster development of atherosclerosis (arteriosclerosis), which can lead to a heart attack.

2. Maintains healthy blood pressure

An adequate level of growth hormone is also important for the functioning of other hormones. Through some of these, this hormone plays a role in maintaining healthy blood pressure.

3. Fights against oxidative stress and inflammation

Risk factors for heart and blood vessels include smoking, high blood pressure, and excessive cholesterol levels that trigger inflammation and increase oxidative stress. In this situation, blood vessels are often affected, tissues lack enough oxygen and nutrients, which may be due to muscle weakness, temporary leg pain or poor wound healing. Growth hormone works against oxidative stress similar to antioxidants. It also dampens the inflammatory response.

4. Supports new vessel formation

Growth hormone is also important for blood vessel formation. It may happen that in some parts of the body vascular supply is broken and new blood vessels need to be created. This is also a major contributor to growth hormone.

5. Keeps the heart strong

Growth hormone is important not only for development and growth of the heart, but also for maintaining its strength in adulthood. It affects the heart activity and the amount of blood that the heart pumps.

6. Regulates the amount of fat

With growth hormone deficiency, levels of high blood pressure are rising. There is also a proportion of body fat, especially that which is stored around the abdominal organs. This fat is the most dangerous in terms of the risk of developing heart disease and blood vessels. In the absence of growth hormone, the individual has a lower percentage of muscle mass than would be optimal.

It can harm

Growth hormone deficiency may not only concern children. A sudden reduction in adult production usually occurs through damage to the pituitary gland (hypophysis) or hypothalamus. It is these parts of the brain that are responsible for its creation. It has an effect on almost all organs in the body. Research has shown a beneficial effect on small doses of growth hormone in people who suffer from its deficiency. On the contrary, its overuse brings numerous health risks.

Source: Growth hormone

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