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Trankobraní: in the second half with Jark Nohavica, Arakain with White, Deer ...

The full musical program of this year's 51st anniversary is announced by the musical-plum festival Vizovické Trnkobraní, which takes place on Friday and Saturday 17th and 18th August at the premises of the liqueur Rudolf Jelínek in Vizovice near Zlín.

In the latter fifty years, this long-lasting music festival enters with Jark Nohavica, who returns to Trnkobraní after a long twenty-one year of his regular participation in the festival. Visitors can also look forward to Arakain and Lucii Bila, Divokej Bill, Mig 21, Mandrage, Deer, Mirai and Ewa Farna and other singers and bands.

Fans at Trnkobraní will also see the concerts of Argemy, Wohnoutů, Portless, Poletíme ?, Desmod or Gazdiny Roby and others. "We are very pleased to enter Jark Nohavica as the main star in the next 50 years. We have been talking to him for several years, last year we wanted him very much for the festival fifty, but this year it has been knocked down. I believe that such a happy star will be a Trnkobran for the whole fifty years, " says festival organizer Michal Šesták.
The program will also include traditional local stars such as Fleret and Zuzana Šuláková, the daughter of the legendary Jarmila Šuláková . Just like last year in the official Trnkobraní program, the band, which will come out of the results of the Zahraj taneční soutěže with the band Trnkobraní, will be voted on the facebook side of the festival.
Part of the festival will be the traditional popular contest for eating plum dumplings open to the general public. This year will be held on Saturday at 13.20 and will be moderated by Patrik Hezucký with Michal Kavalčík, formerly from Ostrava. The bands will again take part in it, last year in the competition of music eaters, the winning castle group won with a total of 154 dumplings dumplings, an average of 30.8 dumplings per band member.
In the festival area you can taste fruit dumplings made from different fruits, from which the liqueur burns its spirits, or visit the museum of plum brandy. Visitors can also enjoy an accompanying program including film screenings, theater performances, dance performances of folklore ensembles and creative and creative activities for children.

Artists at this year's 51st Vizovický Trnkobraní: Levita, Desmod, Tanja, Wohnout, Baker, Divokej Bill, Padlock, Mandrage, Gazdina Roba, Arakain and Lucie Bílá, Doktor PP, Street 69, Argema, Poletíme? Jarek Nohavica, Mirai, Mig 21, Fleret and Zuzana Sulakova, Jelen, Kosovci

Source: tz, edited editorially

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