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What to watch out for when buying tickets

Vacation search and purchase are approaching. Consumers often do not distinguish whether they purchase tickets on an online server operated directly by an airline or an intermediary. They do not examine business terms because they are predominantly priced. The details are of interest only when they solve a problem. The dTest Consumer Advisory Board has therefore provided advice on what to look for when choosing and purchasing tickets.

The tickets purchased online do not apply to a two-week withdrawal period without giving any reason and without penalty . "You can not return your tickets as regular goods just because you have changed your mind. The conditions for cancellation or change of ticket differ from company to company, usually charged, " says Lukáš Zelený, head of the legal department of the consumer organization dTest, adding: " If the airline allows a change of the flight date, do it as soon as possible, otherwise it may be expensive. This is particularly the case when the original tariff class is unavailable, when it will be necessary to reserve the ticket to the higher available class. "

Low-cost airlines
try to reduce the cost of their flights to a minimum by landing their aircraft at remote airports far from the center, flying mostly early in the morning and evening or just a few times a week . In addition, other services such as luggage clearance, a specific airplane seat, or refreshments are expensive to pay .

The ticket is the so-called fare , which is the basic price of the airline's airline. The lower the tariff, the tougher the conditions for changing or canceling the ticket and vice versa. The price affects the so-called book class, expressed by the letter. The cheapest ticket limits many rules, you can not return or change it, you will not change the date of the flight. In addition, the ticket consists of airport and fuel charges and a service charge . The service charge, ie the fee for issuing a ticket or its change, is charged by both airlines and travel agencies. If the ticket is made online, the service fee will be about half the price. In any case, when purchasing a ticket , the final price must be clearly communicated to the consumer .

The ticket price is flexible and at the time of purchase depends on the occupancy of the aircraft. So it is not good to wait for a ticket to buy at the last minute. You can save even the purchase of action tickets , whose offer is limited in time. An immediate transfer to the seller's account is sometimes required to purchase them. "You can also use the tracking robot service to send tickets to action ticket offerings. In general, at the lowest prices, tickets are sold two to six months before the scheduled departure date, " summarizes Lukáš Zelený.

Airlines or travel agencies also offer additional services, such as travel insurance or flight cancellation insurance. " See what you're actually buying. Particularly low-cost companies sometimes automatically include both travel and insurance insurance. If you are not interested in the insurance, you must click on it that you do not want it, " says Lukáš Zelený, adding: " Otherwise, the insurance will be included in the ticket price. Such a practice violates the price regulations and is subject to fines from the Czech Trade Inspection. "

Practical advice from dTest to conclude:

Even if you only need a one-way ticket, you can pay to buy a two-way ticket and do not use the return flight .
Think about whether it's not just your hand luggage
to save money and time online.
Whether you have bought a ticket at the intermediary or directly by the airline, in the event of a flight cancellation or delay, refuse boarding or damaged luggage, always contact the airline .

Source: tz dTest, edited editorial

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