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With a dog to the sea? Plan ahead and select a destination well in advance

The fact that the Czechs are a peasant's nation is well-known. More and more dog owners, however, do not want to be separated from their four-legged companion even during a foreign holiday. Travelers are interested in destinations that are friendly to dogs and offer not only suitable accommodation but also special beaches. Where is it ideal to go with a dog, how to plan a holiday with a dog and what to watch out for?

Book your accommodation in advance

A holiday with a dog or other pet is worth planning in advance. Hotels that allow visitors to stay with a pet can be found in all popular holiday destinations of several, but the most suitable accommodation accommodation can be limited. "For an easier orientation, we offer a special category to those interested in traveling with the animal, in which we only associate the hotels that allow them to stay. However, the hotel conditions and the price of accommodation for dogs are individual, so it is ideal to present all requests to hotel staff well in advance, " comments Michal Tůma, (Invia). Prices for accommodation for the dog most often range from 5 to 15 euros per night.

The hostess of the dogs is Italy, but other European destinations are also friendly

A beach front access is prohibited by default. In popular holiday destinations, therefore, so-called dog beaches are increasingly emerging where free movement of dogs and their entry into the sea is permitted. These beaches are often created unofficially, with local dog owners gradually taking a stretch of beach, usually at the edge of a resort where dogs go. However, official beaches, which are well marked, are also becoming increasingly common. Pioneer in building dog beaches is Italy. "Especially the northern part of Italy is very friendly to dog owners. In the popular resort of Bibione, for example, there is Pluto beach, where dogs have guides, hygienic bags and showers for dogs. Their pets can also participate in various training activities, " says Michal Tůma, adding that this paid beach is available from June to September. Official dog beaches can also be found in the resorts of Porto Santa Margherita or Lignano-Sabbiadoro, in the rest of Italy you should also not be in trouble.

But other favorite holiday destinations are not forbidden by dog ​​owners. For example, Croatia has a large number of dog beaches. The rich selection of beaches with access to your four-legged cliffs makes for example the Kvarner Riviera, the town of Rijeka in northern Croatia or the island of Krk. However, bathing with a dog in the sea is also possible in Istria or on the territory of Dalmatia. The dog beach is also found in Barcelona, ​​Spain and other local resorts. In Greece, the tradition of dog bathing is smaller, and you can not find a special dog beach here. In case you have your dog on a leash and under control, you can take it on a normal "human" beach. Bathing is then most appropriate to visit one of the remote beaches at the edge of the resort.

When traveling, the dog's dog and dog documents are important

Before the trip itself, it is necessary to arrange several papers and pets. For trips within the European Union, a passport is required for the veterinarian to wait. The price of the deal is usually around 400 crowns. The journey across the border will not allow you to leave the animal without a microchip, or a tattoo that can be seen by the vet. The dog owner must also show valid rabies vaccination . Puppies not vaccinated against rabies within three months, but special rules apply to their travel, which vary from country to country. Italy, Cyprus, Poland, France or Spain, for example, entry of dogs under 3 months of age completely prohibits their entry.
Traveling dogs belonging to martial arts categories is then subject to special rules. Staffordshire Terrier, US Staffordshire Terrier, Doga or Toa without a birth certificate are forbidden, for example, to stay in France or just to pass through. The residence of these breeds with a proof of origin is then governed by strict rules whereby the owner must keep the dog with a mushroom on the leash and have insurance for him. Also the rules for dog walking in Croatia are different for some races. Dobromany, rottweilers, bull terriers and other dangerous breeds must always be leashed and fitted with a muzzle. Therefore, it is always good practice to inform about the rules of residence of martial breeds abroad at the State Veterinary Administration or the Embassy of the respective country.

The dog in the carrier can handle the journey by car and aircraft

In case you decide to go on a holiday car, think about the safety of the dog and other passengers. The safest place is to place the dog in the crate, in case of bigger breeds it is offered their traveling in the trunk. However, the trunk space should be separated by a grid or autoship. The dog can also be carried in the rear seats, where special straps can be used, the front seat on the contrary, the dog certainly does not belong. In the case of longer journeys, it is then appropriate to choose a pet transport by air. "Every airline determines the conditions and prices for animal transport itself, so it is advisable to inform them in advance. It is also desirable to book a dog in advance. The cost of transporting the dog most often ranges from 50 to 150 euros, " adds Michal Tůma. You have two choices for animal transport itself. Smaller breeds may travel in the cabin of the aircraft provided that their weight, together with the transport box, does not exceed eight kilograms. Heavier dogs then travel in the cargo compartment, where they spend time also in the transport box that is attached to the floor during the flight.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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