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Elektrosurf comes after electric cars and electric cars

The prototype of an electrosurf, which allows surfing on a calm water surface, was produced by JetSurf. Self-propelled surfboards are now taking over the world. So far, however, it has only been equipped with an internal combustion engine. The electric-powered prototype is a novelty that will be presented this weekend at the Brno dam in the world MotoSurf WorldCup racing series.

The motorsurfing race, which is a purely Czech sport discipline, is attended by 72 competitors from 25 different countries this year. The new prototype will be able to see visitors at the E.ON JetSurf Elecric Challenge Cup special race where 3 top racers and racers will compete. The sponsor of this category is E.ON, which has long been supporting the development of e-mobility. The winner will reward 10,000 CZK and will lend him VW or smart for one week.

"We are very pleased to see further developments in electromobility. We are more than happy that we can support a sport that is perhaps the only one invented by the Czechs, " adds Miloslav Fialka (E.ON).
Electrosurf weighs 28 kg and its output is 8 kW. In practice it means it can develop speeds up to 45 km / h. Its development lasted approximately two years. The creators from JetSurf have been using the knowledge and experience they have gained in creating different types of motor surfing. Before he got his present look, it took 6 years. Even the development of motor surfing continues.

"The main problem for us was the sea. When you put any electronics into saltwater, you will destroy it. Technologically, it was difficult enough to think of it so that the plank in salty water worked for a long time. Most of the components that have to be made of materials that resist the sun and salt water have finally begun to produce ourselves, "
adds Martin Šula of JetSurf.

JetSurf is the only manufacturer of powered planks that can run in both freshwater and seawater. From the factory, which is in Střelice u Brna, every year around 2000 surfing around the world. One of them is singer Andrea Bocceli or Formula 1 rider Lewis Hamilton. The company was the main initiator of Motosurf WorldCup racing series, which takes place in 5 different parts of the world. This year will be the fourth year.

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