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Martin Chodúr returns to Lidice with his song Lidice. And before a holiday is waiting for him a fesť

Last year, 75 years have elapsed since the burning of the Nazis by the Central Bohemian community. The 11th Annual National Children's Choirs from the Czech Republic entitled Light for Lidice and with the motto Children sing to folk children.

The artist's patronage of the last year's show was taken by singer Martin Chodúr who sang Cohen's song Hallelujah, his song Lidice and more than a hundred children's choir Czech national anthem , to commemorate one of the most tragic events in our history .

And on Saturday, June 9, 2018, Martin Chodur will make his song Lidice in Lidice again.
"This time, it will be at the Lidice Concert Hall, which will start at the Glorietu in the People's Memorial at 20:00. The aim of this concert is to alert the general public that the memory of the tragedy in Lidice is still alive, especially in remote parts of the world, and thanks to those who survived the human tragedy and are still among us. When the beginning of this decade began to prepare the Lidice film, my creators asked me for the final song in this film, " says Chodur. "Eventually, they did not choose her, but I have been doing so with success in my recital in film melodies. Last year I only sang it in Lidice on my headplayplay, and this year I will be accompanied by Central Music of the Army of the Czech Republic. I'm looking forward to this because I enjoy playing with this body. In addition to the opera soprano Lucia Silken we sang the famous duet from Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Phantom of the Opera. And I must not forget to mention that the concert will end with reading the names of 88 murdered folk children, " adds Martin Chodúr.

On June 20, Martin Chodur, together with the three holders of this year's Anděl Awards - David Stypka, Mira Navratilova and Marian Friedl - will perform with Big BLAST! Bandu at the opening concert of the 15th edition of the Sweetsen Fest Multi-Genesis Frýdek-Místek Benefit Show at the Olešná dam.
The newly impregnated dam and its surroundings have undergone demanding and costly revitalization in recent years, which even without a festival offers plenty of free time activities. The concert will symbolically open not only today a literally iconic festival, which will take place for the first time in history on ten scenes and five days (20-24.06), but also the dam itself and its first season in the new stage of existence. The opening concert next to the rich music program will also offer a panorama of the Beskydy Mountains and a spectacular light show using the water surface.

If Martin is not working on finishing the Christmas album, which he recorded at the end of April with the Ostrava Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra, and goes out in the autumn, he spends his spare time with his girlfriend Ivonka and his son Martinek in the Beskydy Mountains, where they live at the foot of Lysá hora. "Recently, we also visited the distant Jeseníky Mountains. Specifically, the spa of Karlova Studánka, where we liked it very much. And this weekend I was visiting a friend and helped him to cherry the cherries. The reward would be their full basket and the fact that I was doing something completely different after a while. And my joy is that the audience likes not only the song Odyssey written by Štefan Margit, but also my two lyrics of Words and Love and nothing more that he sang on his chanson album Love Map, " adds a singer, songwriter, lyricist and musician Martin Chodúr.

The Lidice Song , to which Martin Chodur wrote music and text.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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