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Household in tropical summer days

As it turns out, on warm summer days we can enjoy this year. However, if temperatures reach a longer period of tropical values, we try to escape the heat. Outdoors, it's better, but keeping a nice cooler even in the home is not easy.

Several solutions are available. From those less demanding, such as the use of window blinds or ventilators, to those financially more expensive in the form of air conditioning. Just purchasing air conditioning can be a good choice for spending the heat indoors in your apartment or house. It is good to think about choosing it right so that it does not become an energy cookie. And also compare if you do not multiply the savings by changing the electricity supplier. It also does not cost you anything, but it can save up to thousands of crowns a year in the family budget.

The energy label will tell

When choosing air conditioning, you should definitely take into account the energy consumption of each model. The guideline may be the energy label, even with the air conditioner, those with the A ++ label are the most economical. "If you use the A ++ A-class air conditioner 600 hours a year, your traffic will be around £ 2,500. The operation of the air-conditioner with energy label A, with the same length of operation, will amount to more than CZK 3,000 on your family budget, " compares Libor Holub (Bohemia Energy).

Tips for efficient use of air conditioners

Do not forget to close windows and doors while the air conditioning is running.
Set the temperature to approximately 24ºC in the room.
Never heat the room too much, the difference between indoor and outdoor temperature should not be more than 7ºC.
Do not forget to have regular cleaning and maintenance.

The fan as a quick relief

Quick blows in summer heat can also bring fans. The cheapest can be bought from several hundreds and the temperature in the room is a bit cooler. "Fans have more economical and environmentally friendly operation than air conditioners. They can be easily manipulated with them so you can easily move them wherever you need, " Libor Holub calculates the benefits. Their disadvantage, however, is that especially cheap models are quite noisy. Also think about where you put the fan. If it's going to go directly to you, you'll probably take it with middle ear inflammation or blocked backbone.

A few simple tips

Whether you choose air conditioning or fan, do not forget even simple basic measures. One of them is the right ventilation, ideally at night when the cooler outside air cools down and prepares it for heat over the day. Also, try to prevent direct sunlight from entering the rooms. A suitable solution is to shade the windows using blinds, blinds, awnings or at least curtains. Another option is the retro-reflective window foil installed on the outside of the windows, which reflects the sun's radiation. Even these simple tips will help you to survive the summer heat in an enclosed space.

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