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When is a female vombat? When he bites a male in his ass

Fine coat, up to forty pounds of live weight, and the nature of the chilly cold. Such is the northern vombat, the animal standing on the verge of extinction. Although Australian biologists have made considerable efforts in recent years, the first signs of successful rescue of this species have only been gained now. They found out when the females are in the right mood, which is the basic information for successful rescue. Their findings have been published by researchers at the University of Queensland in the journal Reproduction, Fertility and Development.

The times when northern vombat territories spread from New South Wales to Queensland have long been a thing of the past. At present, less than 200 live in nature, and their habitat has practically shrunk to 15 square kilometers of the Epping Forest National Park. The cause of such a collapse? People. Respective grazing of large areas of farm animals that have not left enough food available for vombats. Hunting for meat played a third role in the threat of vombats: most of the time, these marshmallows spend their lives in the safety of their underground labyrinths and climb the surface only at night.

Only fences to save are not enough

So, when biologists finally reached the protection of the residuals of the inhabited area (in addition to the fenced dingo dogs), they expected to increase their numbers. But that did not happen. The vampat's concern about mating is minimal and the production of the litter is negligible. The only hope of preserving the species has been the rescue breeding that Australian zoos would like to care for. But there is a problem: inertia males and relatively aggressive females are the problem of pairing. Putting them together at an inappropriate time means a fierce struggle between potential partners, which can result in their fatal injury.

Researchers at the University of Queensland have long vainly sought the answer to when the moms of the northern matings are the best time. Docent Stephen Johnston quite rightly assumed that it would be enough to understand the hormonal cycle of females. This would be the moment when they reach the right position and will be more open to contact with the male. Indeed, from the specimens of the vampat urine samples taken in the zoo, the hormonal curves were reconstructed. But it had one major drawback. Repeated sampling is interrupted by females from their "good mood". The definitive solution had to contribute to the year-round observation of the vampire females in Epping Forest.


When you have a female behind your ass

It has been shown that the tendency towards mating is manifested by specific behaviors. The females in the mood are more tramping and slightly bumping, more fucking and snoring their teeth on their coat. When they meet the males, they do not hesitate. His affection and momentary readiness make him clear by biting him several times in his ass. But not as aggressively as in normal skirmish.

Johnston warns that rescue at a zoo (and thus rescue of this species) would not be possible without linking research to captive vampires and wildlife observations. "Breeders will now have to try to identify the behavior of females in the zoos and take it as a signal to start mating," Johnston adds.

Author: Radomír Dohnal

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