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Weekly Horoscope Jun 11 to Jun 17, 2018

Understanding is different than heart likes. It really is so important what people think or say? Is not your life just your coincidence? ..

Week: 11. 6. 2018 - 17. 6. 2018

Aries (21.3.-20.4.)
Dear Lambs, hold on to the truth your mom told you (or your advice). She was right whether you like it or not. ;-) In business matters, focus on the priorities because it is just the way that leads you from the threatening chaos and the feeling that you are all about yourself. Grab hold of just what is really important in your hands. In private, you should try to play a "dead beetle" for a while, though you might want to go back to the head. Believe that you will gain more by the pretentious lack of interest.

Taurus (21.4.-20.5.)
Dear Bulls, steadfastly go the way you are currently. The reward for patience should not wait for long. Do not worry about opportunities that can be offered. There is no reason to be afraid. The physical sphere shows the balance and harmony. You are slowly following what suits you. A tranquil force can do more than any stumbling block or "hard stick". Think about it. Balance! In privacy, rely on intuition. As you start thinking about something, it will not go anywhere. Follow with your feel ..

Gemini (21.5.-21.6.)
Dear Gemini, exaggerated self-esteem and pride will take you in the wrong direction - right into the storm, from which you will not get healthy skin. It wants more humility, my dear ones. You are not the navel of the world. In the material area, rely on your instinct. If you have any doubt. It means that the path is not for you! Believe your doubts, even the slightest. You can feel a little confused in the personal area. Understanding is different than heart likes. It really is so important what people think or say? Is not your life just yours? ... ;-)

Cancer (22.6.-22.7.)
Dear Racecourse, you could have a quiet and harmonious period ahead of you. Relatively. It is up to you to break your days or not: Do not hinder any changes in the work, because the changes in these days will bring improvements to your situation. You just have to get rid of what you do not serve in any way ... And at home? Feel the situation real, do not want blue from the sky. And do not worry about it! When you get a little out and fool with your claws, you can be sure that nothing will save you from the storm. So read, drink (for example) a lemonade and nobody and do not worry about it.

Lev (23.7-23.8.)
Dear Lioness, if you guys are arguing, then absolutely unnecessary. The person concerned is not against you, although he has a different opinion. Again, do you have the feeling that you alone are infallible? Leda "Our grandmother's pricks"! Still hold on for a moment and start to be ridiculous. In the material sphere, the situation is at the moment inalienable. Things are moving and inertia moves them in a direction. If it was the worst, remember: "What I can not change, I will change my approach". It works! .. ;-) Do not be subject to outside influence in private, on the contrary, trust your inner voice. Even if you do not like what he says. Is right. And your feeling from a certain person is right ..

Virgo (24.8.-23.9.)
Dear Dolls, you should be able to refresh yourself somewhere in the water. It will refresh and start not only physically, but also because of an unexpected encounter, maybe even mentally. A certain form of new love appears just in conjunction with water. In the material area, you should be discarded from your conservatism and take a little off. Thinking about the back wheels is commendable, but nothing should be exaggerated. So do not overdo it and loosen a little brace of the wallet - just for the joy. In privacy, let go of anything new, believe it! New beginnings these days should lead to satisfaction. Whether it's new love, reconciliation, or a new hobby.

Libra (24.9.-23.10.)
Dear Libra, a very harmonious period could continue. Evaluate yourself for yourself what is really important to you, and keep it accordingly. Another better way is not .. Work at the side of things, do your own and do not mix too much. The less you will see, the better for you. In your personal life you should be clear about what you have done wrong in the past and what might be remembered. Prepare for a certain skeleton who wants to get out of the closet at the least suitable time. Ready to wish luck .. ;-)

Scorpio (24.10.-22.11.)
Dear Scorpio, you have to have so much that you could give it away. You will have to master everything that will be put before you. Be careful not to inadvertently spit on the chicken eye. For each situation, keep in mind that arguing with someone about malicherness is below your level .. ;-) The workspace reports a success story. You should not complain, you are at the top. If (unusually!) You are not satisfied, it is high time to close the door behind you. There are a few options around, just look around better. In privacy, take a sentimental memories of childhood. From time to time, it is good to remember the past. And if there is a need, make a first step for reconciliation.

Sagittarius (23.11.-21.12.)
Dear Sagittarius, there may still be a state of the past: small victories increase your self-esteem, but it is not necessary to perish! At work or financial matters, stop looking at what was. There are better possibilities before you, if you want to see them at last. You should not overlook the new challenges. In the personal sphere, you should guard your health somewhat more carefully. Especially mental! Do not worry about things that can not be changed. And do not argue about who you do not want to come up with. His cup of patience approaches the edge ..

Capricorn (22.12.-20.1.)
Dear Capricorn, shyness would be your worst possible advisor. If you have something planned, then the plan should be the one that will lead to success. Properly consider all for and against before you go into action. You are working on a horse, which does not surprise anyone. At risk are only those of you who think he is totally infallible. He quickly falls from his horse .. :-P New love, new understanding, reconciliation ... in short Living water in your relationships should start flowing. Open your heart to what you really care about. Without your response, your initiative will not stay.

Aquarius (21.1.-19.2.)
Dear Aquarius, fatigue of heat is more visible to you than to anyone else. Unfortunately at the least suitable time. It needs to be done. On all fronts. In material matters, you should say a strong word and do not let yourself drag. Something or someone sucks or abuses you altogether without scruples. So, set the mantinel. And fast! .. In private, let your friends get some action. Do not refuse to meet them, because you need to drain a valve a bit, as they say. Enjoy and as a bonus, maybe create a very rich joint project. Do not go home at all ..

Fish (20.2.-20.3.)
Dear Pisces, take the others as much as you give them! Your relationships are in jeopardy just when they are unbalanced. Whoever honestly thinks to you likes to make your investment come back. Whoever pulls his hand and takes, pulls your hand away quickly. You're pretty good at it. No need to push your shoe anywhere. In Hawaii you probably will not leave, but you will not be hungry at the local swimming pool. :)) You are on the right path .. You may not be happy in private. But it will depend on the angle of view that you take. Sometimes you only have to lose to make the subsequent win more sweeter. And still a little thing: You're not worse than anyone in your neighborhood!

Famous words to think:
"Who does not want you, he does not deserve you."
(Carlo Goldoni)

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