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How to plan a holiday to keep you away from you a few days a year?

Many of us are eager to look forward to the summer season with the vision of vacation and the desired rest. Whether you are going to relax at the seaside, ride a bicycle half of Europe this year, climb mountain peaks, or "just" explore new places, it is advisable to count on extraordinary spending in the family budget. How to choose and enjoy summer holidays and where to save you spending the next few days off for Christmas?

Whatever you decide to spend the summer anyway, your final budget may vary a lot. Just think ahead and make some good decisions. Save thanks to them you can make thousands of crowns.

Where (not only) save this year

The basis for holiday funding should be unambiguously savings . That's why you can look for options to save money in advance. Check out your phone plan, energy supplier contracts, or other regular fees. You may find hidden reserves that you have no idea. You can also save money by consolidating loans into one loan. "Thanks to the so-called partnership consolidation, couples living in a joint household have the opportunity to merge all the loans of both partners into one, earning less interest and a monthly installment than they originally had, and saving money for the entire family," says Cyril Křupala (Cofidis).

If you know you want to spend this summer vacation by the sea with a travel, buy Last Minute . Although you may have to make a compromise within the accommodation or destination, you can save even a third of the price of the trip.

Low cost airlines often offer tickets at very discounted rates . Tickets bought in good time can be bought for really low amounts.

If you do not belong to a secured accommodation in the holiday destination, use the accommodation applications . If you book a night on a given day, you can save significantly. In these applications you will also find reviews and reviews of hotels or guesthouses so you can avoid unpleasant surprises in advance.

Although most are preparing for vacation on summer holidays, holidays outside the high season have their advantages. In addition to lower prices, you can also save nerves from overcrowded tourist resorts.

Do you make your holiday this year? Then look ahead to see if you can save tolls on an unpaid route. Pay attention to how long the replacement route is long and time consuming.

When navigating abroad, you can significantly save on the data plan if you download the maps with the help of the application in advance. These applications are freely available, help you choose the best route and use both video and voice navigation.

Eat and drink at your place of residence in the marketplace.
Prices are comparable to prices in our country and the goods are fresh. If you are traveling with a travel agent, check out the catering options. Although All inclusive may seem like unnecessary luxury, it is often the most economical way of eating.

Take advantage of travel insurance.
A few hundreds of insurance does not ruin you, but any treatment abroad without insurance could.

Change money already in the Czech Republic.
In the destination destination, the crowns will usually be exchanged, but you will definitely get a worse rate than you do. In any case, always have some cash. Abroad you may encounter shops that do not accept credit cards or prefer a different tip.

Find out beforehand the options and conditions of card payment and ATM withdrawals . These may vary depending on the destination and the conditions of the particular card. "You can get a better choice when paying with a card abroad, even better than in the exchange office or all the withdrawals abroad," adds Cyril Křuppala.

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