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Jiří Mádl starts filming On the roof in August

Director Jiří Mádl will begin filming On the Roof in his own script at the beginning of August. Alois Švehlík and Lukas Duy Anh Tran will play the lead role in the story of an aging, lonely man who is joining a casual event with a young Vietnamese on the run.

Professor Rypar (Alois Švehlík) will provide temporary shelter to Song (Lukas Duy Anh Tran), a young Vietnamese who he found hidden on the roof of his house. But can two such different people share one space at all, not to be a disaster? Will that helpless plan help them? The coexistence of an angry man, angry at the world, who escapes him, and a young man looking for a way out of a desperate situation in an unknown city brings many friction surfaces, tragicomic situations, but also surprising ideas and solutions. Every one of us needs someone to need it. And Song needs, in addition to warm clothes and roofs, someone who will trust him. Can you trust an unknown boy? Professor Rypar will try to do so, even though he has to discount the rules and his roof has to be a little bit extended. But is Song really able to repay this trust?

On the roof is the second feature film directed by Jiří Mádl, who successfully alternates in his career before and behind the camera. In recent years, he has been one of the most popular Czech actors, but he has also been successful in the direction of directing. For the debut " Let's Go to the Sea" , which saw more than 100,000 viewers in cinemas, he won the 2015 Rival Award for the Czech Film Critics Prize.

He started working on the Royale film screening at the time of studies in the United States. "In New York, I lived in the Asian Illegal Halls for a year. My friend went through similar fate as Song, the main character in the script. I was finally part of the adventure for almost three years and I know what this experience means to me and how much it can appeal to the audience, especially, " says Jiří Mádl.

As with his debut, he would be glad to have a bittersweet look on the roof. "There's a story on the roof about meeting someone we consider to be a stranger, but it can be a part we lack. If you have a partner, the life of a damn thing nobody wants is quite fun. A bit of illegal behavior with the intention of helping someone is the engine of this movie, " says the director.

Alois Švehlík will play a major role in the film.

"It was not easy to look for a new representative for Mr Rypar's main character after Jan Triska left us. But Alois Švehlík suddenly fell into my eye that I did not feel just anxiety, but really looking forward to the individual scenes with him. One must believe that things are happening because they are supposed to be. This is so, " says director Jiří Mádl. "There are a lot of great actors here at this age, but I believe that everyone can not play Mr. Rypar. He is essentially a fragile and lonely man, at the same time, if he has reason, he is subtle, subversive and impulsively uncompromising in his actions. Alois Švehlík has the look, the voice and the movement that sits on Rypar. "

For the second major figure, it was necessary to find an appropriate representative in the Vietnamese community. Eventually he would be chosen by Lukas Duy Anh Tran .
"To find a talent among the non-actors would be a tough task. Eventually, Lukas came out of it, which is a way of work remarkably similar to Petr Šimčák from the film Let's Go to the Sea. I look forward to how he can do it, " adds Jiří Mádl.
In the following roles we will see Vojtech Dyka, Mária Havranová and Adrian Jastraban . It will be spinning in Prague in August.

"I appreciate that Jirka does not make it easy at all. A story built on two characters, an old bitter man and a Vietnamese boy, Jirk does not offer too much money to talk colorfully and fun about finding hope when you feel no more. But it is so. Imaginative, fragile and funny, " says Michal Reitler, the creative producer of CT, who co-produces the film.
The premiere of the film is scheduled for February 7
, the cinema will be screened by the distribution company Falcon.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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