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The Prague Clarinet Days invite virtuoso concerts, and the brush plays

For the seventh and five concerts for the public, the Prague Clarinet Days will take place in the first week of July. The popular music festival with international participation will also enrich the cultural summer of the Czech capital this year: concerts are in Prague on the program from 1st to 4th July, on July 6 the young clarinists will perform at Štiřín Chateau.

Top-class young musicians from home and the world will come back to Prague to attend AMU Music and Dance Schools at master classes in the clarinet. Several exceptional concerts, organized in the beautiful palaces and halls in Lesser Town, will take place within the framework. Virtuoso young clarinists will perform everywhere just for a symbolic admission - the basic one costs 100 crowns, reduced by half. Consequently, organizers recommend those interested in concerts to register in advance at [email protected]

Tool as a human voice

"The audience can look forward to a variety of dramaturgy - from modern compositions to historical music, to unique period instruments, to Mozart's classics," organizer Irvin Venyš appeals to the Prague Clarinet Days. He is a leading Czech clarinetist and also a pedagogue of the Music Faculty of the AMU, who again provided his background. The magnificent historical spaces and excellent lecturers - to which HAMU's lecturers include Michel Lethiéc from the Paris Conservatory and Harri Mäki from the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki this year - are Veny's main magnets that lured young artists to Prague this summer.

Clarinet in many forms

As Irvin Venys recalls, the clarinet is most akin to the human voice of all musical instruments. "So he can not only whistle, but also sing, laugh, storm, cry, or stroke the velvet. Concerts will present him in all these forms, " Venyš says.

The festival will begin on July 1, 1930, at the Werich Villa in Kampa, the young wind ensemble Belfiato Quintet, whose members operate in significant Czech orchestras and have already received many awards as soloists. After the sparkling Mozart introduction, the luminous works of Paul Haas, Maurice Ravel and Daria Milhaud will be heard. The premiere of Kvintet's new composer Markéta Conková (HAMU Prague), which the author composed directly for the festival, will be the original date.

A concert of Ladies First Symphony Polish artists, pianists Anne Miernik and clarinettist Barbara Borowicz follows on July 3. Both debuted at the famous Carnegie Hall in New York or Sydney Opera House. In Prague they present works by renowned Polish composers (Chopin - Penderecki - Lutoslawski), who are seldom mentioned in one evening. And the rare piece, the song by Technoparade Guilliauma Connesson, will be heard when the piano strings are played with a rice brush. The concert at the HAMU Gallery at Malostranské náměstí 13 starts at 19.30.

Those interested in authentic interpretation of old music will definitely delight the Clarimonia Ensemble from Bamberg, Germany, which will perform on July 3 at 19.30 at the Italian Cultural Institute. The baroque chapel in Šporkova Street No. 14 will be celebrated by the evening instruments - the Baroque and Classical clarinets, the bass horns and the unique clarinet d'Amore. And all of them not only look great, but they have a wonderful sound. The renowned ensemble, dedicated to the production of forgotten or restored works of clarinet art, will present compositions from Baroque to early Romanticism.

This year's most popular event will be the The Best Of concert, for which the participants and the lecturers of the courses will explore the various "clarinet hits" together to enjoy the audience with enthusiastic audiences. The program is always created for a particular year, so the content and atmosphere is unrepeatable. The combination of player bravura with the joy of a common musical experience will take place on July 4 at the Church of St. Vavrinec in Hellichova Street. The start is again from 19.30.

On Friday, July 6th, the festival will be released at Štiřín Chateau, where the final Clarinet concert is held across Europe. The ensemble will be composed of Vít Spilka from all participants and lecturers of the Prague Clarinet Days.

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