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Position on the stomach, fragrance of flowers or popular music. What will affect our sleep and dream

Continuing, stimulating or lucid. Types of dreams are many, but there are also many factors that affect them. In addition to the current psychological condition, sleep may have other effects. How does sleep and dreams affect so-called sleep hygiene or alcohol? And how do the surrounding scent, music, sounds, or momentary position in which one sleeps are reflected in the dreams? The following is an interesting answer.

The basic attribute that affects the overall process of dreaming and its content is the quality of sleep. The professional public associates it with so-called sleep hygiene - a set of rules and recommendations that the quality of sleep can significantly increase. In the first place there is often a regular rest period, which should be around eight hours. Attention should be paid to the bedroom itself. The room that sleeps should be regularly ventilated. Not only is the supply of oxygen, but also the temperature in the room. Sleep should ideally be around 17 ° C. However, these conditions can be more difficult in the coming summer days and nights, and the room is often paradoxically heated by ventilation. It is therefore best to overshadow it . "The most effective option is in this case an external shield that holds thermal energy before entering the interior. In addition, if special shading devices are equipped with special sensors, they can automatically regulate light and heat in the room during the day to create the best temperature conditions for sleep, " says Lubomir Valenta (Lomax).

A significant factor that affects not only the quality of sleep but also dreams is the consumption of addictive substances . People are often used to having one or two glasses of alcohol at bedtime, justifying a better sleep. Although alcohol really dampens the body, during sleep, it interferes with the stages in which the organism should be regenerated. It also increases the risk of awakening because of it. Smoking is similarly negative. Nicotine contained in tobacco products encourages the organism. On the contrary, the positive effect is on sleeping milk containing the amino acid L-tryptophan, from which the body produces melatonin, a hormone that creates ideal conditions for sleep. Addictive substances can, however, get into the dreams themselves. If a person stops smoking or trying to reduce alcohol, he seems much more likely to do things than normal. "In smoking cessation, dreams often seem to clients that they smoke. The subconscious thus cope with the stress abstinence factor. These dreams are repeated, but they gradually leave the cessation, " says psychotherapist Šárka Vávrová. Very similar is the case when people try to lose weight - in their dreams they meet more often with food, which they try to avoid when changing their diet.

Fragrance of flowers or ambient sounds

As the German study in 2008 shows, the stimulus trapped by olfactory devices is also influenced by the dream process. Researchers tested the effect of roses and decayed eggs on female sleep during it. While the roses brought positive dreams to women, in the case of eggs, women complained that the tinge of dreams was negative. According to experts, this is also related to the fact that pleasant smells will positively affect the human emotional side. The lingual brain system, in addition to its ability to receive scents and odors, also accepts emotions, which is also reflected in dreams.

The special significance of sleep also has sounds in the neighborhood, and they can often blend into the dream itself. For example, the sound of a tap can be seen as a waterfall during a dream. In so-called waking dreams, when consciousness is still partially preserved, frequent monotone sounds from the environment are transmitted, for example, in the form of a train ride. Past studies also show that sounds can dramatically influence dreams and their appearance, such as popular music that plays silently during sleep, can greatly improve the dream. In general, however, it is appropriate that sufficient isolation from surrounding sounds, particularly from outside, is appropriate for the creation of the most natural dreams. "In addition to high-quality windows, outdoor blinds will also help with this, which will not only shadow the room, but also isolate it from the surrounding hustle and bustle. Noise levels can be reduced by up to 16 dB, " says Lubomir Valenta.

Numerous discussions are also being held about the positions in which people are asleep. There is the belief that the best rest provides sleeping lying down on the back, because this position takes the body to sleep as the most natural. With sleeping on the stomach, opinions are quite different. While some experts point to increased pressure on organs in the body that may prevent their proper functioning in the long term, others point out that sleeping on the stomach is good for proper digestion. As far as the effect on the dream is concerned, surveys repeatedly show that, due to impaired breathing, sleeping on the stomach often leads to sniffing dreams. In the above mentioned position on the back, on the contrary, there is often a dream of free fall. According to Šárka Vávrová, the different sleeping positions are shown in dreams only if the body does not feel good in them. "Sleep position can affect dreams only if we sleep incomprehensibly in some unnatural position where the subconscious evaluates our condition as something unnatural. It can also be a dream, " says the psychotherapist.

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