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Control of playgrounds has not shown any major misconduct

In the course of 2017, the Czech Trade Inspection carried out 170 control facilities for playgrounds and in 28 cases detected violations of legal regulations. Most of them did not cause any major damage and the operators set a remedy within the set deadline.

Where inspectors discovered the deficiencies, they were predominantly outdoor playgrounds, which had, for example, low quality material to mitigate the impact, lack of maintenance, mechanical damage or rot.

In 2017, the Czech Trade Inspection focused on controlling 21 indoor and 30 outdoor playgrounds. Altogether, 170 types of playground equipment were run, mainly run by municipal and municipal authorities (outdoor playgrounds) and by private parties (indoor playgrounds). The most frequently checked were the different types of spring, rocker and chain swings, rope tracks, slides, roundabouts, climbers, etc.

The purpose of the control action was to verify whether the playgrounds meet safety standards such as structural integrity, fall protection, capture protection, regular inspections, whether the importer or the manufacturer supplied the type certificate and the declaration of conformity.

The Czech Trade Inspection Authority carried out an inspection of 44 entities that were operators of playgrounds, one of them being both importers and one at the same time as the manufacturer. In total, 46 inspections were performed. Infringements found in 28 cases. In three cases, he imposed fines totaling CZK 30,000.

Indoor playgrounds have not been found to cause significant damage due to operation or vandalism. Physical inspections of playground equipment used in outdoor playgrounds revealed that the biggest drawbacks are the impact areas (in particular insufficient depth of damping effect material, the size of the damping impact fraction), inadequate routine maintenance (graveling, pouring, sanding, etc.) . Other drawbacks were mechanical damage or rot. Substantial damage was found only rarely in playground equipment older production date. Vandalism was not a common phenomenon. And this is a very positive news today. Do not you think?

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