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Kunětická hora on unique historical images

One hundred years since the founding of Czechoslovakia, a quarter century after the restoration of the visitor's castle. Both anniversaries commemorate on Saturday, June 16, a plenary exhibition of unique historical pictures of the Kunětice Mountains in the castle complex entitled Such was ...

The black and white photographs capture the state of the complex at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries: the access to the castle, which today is almost unrecognizable; a simple well with wooden fencing, majestic ruins of the castle palace from different angles of view; building activity in the 6th gate ... Their uniqueness lies above all in the fact that they show the castle building still untouched by later building interventions, an authentic preserved state after the Pernštejn owners. The pictures are always located where the photographer shot the trigger decades ago, and make it easy to compare the situation then and now.

In 1917 he rented the Kunětická Mountain and subsequently bought the Pardubice Museum Association in 1919, after the establishment of independent Czechoslovakia. A year later, the established Kunětický družstvo commenced the necessary security work and shortly thereafter began an ambitious renovation of the castle, based on the project of architects Dušan Jurkovič and Jan Pacl. In the 1950s, the castle passed into state administration. Since the mid-1970s, however, due to long-term failure and emergency, the individual parts of the castle had to be closed, until the castle was closed as a whole. The standard visitor traffic was then restored to the Kunatice Mountain in May 1993, twenty-five years ago.

The Sucha exhibition was ... bringing an unconventional view of the famous historical and cultural monument. But what was Kunětická hora for you? Please send us your photos of Kunětice Mountains from the early 1950s to the end of the 1990s, including personal stories and memories that you have connected with Kuňka. We publish them on the castle's website in a specially created section. We thank you for your photos, stories and memories.

The exhibition will last until the end of the holidays. It will be symbolically signed by Hradozámecká noc on August 25, 2018, during which we will be projected on the wall of the palace courtyard by silent documentaries from the 1920s and 30s of the last century, shot at the Kunětická hora, and the musicians will play the well-known first-republic melodies during the evening.

Source: TZ NPÚ, Parlamentní

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