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Today the JAR Landscape Festival will begin at Vítkov

On the 21st of June, the 60th edition of the Landscape Festival will be held in Prague on 60 works of art, installations and interventions in the public space of Czech and foreign architects and artists. This day will be ceremonially kicked off at 16:00 hrs free Concert of Good Escape at Vítkov, featuring JAR, Captain Demo, Puding Ms. Elvis and Slater Anatol Svahilec.

The festival, whose main theme is the public space, carries the subtitle Discover the Prague Wilderness! For its actions, sites were chosen whose future is now under discussion - the island of Štvanice, the Rohan island and the Vítkov hill. These areas should be an example of good development of the urban landscape and the public space in the wider center of Prague due to the appropriate revitalization.

The public will open a dilapidated Fuchsova cafe on Štvanice, at the foot of Vitkov a sandy beach will be created next to Žižkovský Ponec Theater will build a stairway which intersects the junction with a cycle path or on Rohanský ostrov in Port 186 00 will be the garden named Swimming pool on the second floor.

"I am very fond of an initiative that draws attention away from the exposed center of the capital city and is beneficial for the development of selected urban areas in relation to the quality of the environment. The Landscape Festival is an original revival of the public space and thanks to a number of experts, it brings valuable inspiration, "
adds Jana Plamínková, Councilor of the City of Prague for infrastructure, technical equipment and the environment.

Among the artists and architects involved in the project are Kurt Gebauer, Milena Dopitová, Tomáš Vaněk or Woven Studios, H3T and Trevisa +. In addition to individual installations and interventions, several accompanying exhibitions are part of the festival. The festival will last until the end of September. The autumn program will include lectures, debates and discussions with the participation of experts, political representatives and the general public.

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