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Nausea, swollen legs or sleep problems? For long travel try herbs

The holiday season is incessantly approaching. But with long journeys to the dream destination, unpleasant problems can also occur. Someone is struggling with nausea during a flight or a long car ride, another is bothering swollen feet. As passengers and drivers can make their way through the long way through the help of our helpers, we will advise you in this article.

The nausea from the ride will relieve the bitter and blueberries

Nausea and stomach pain are among the inconveniences experienced by many people during a flight or uneven and long journeys by car or bus. Role can also play very hot weather, which often occurs in vehicles and often leads to overheating of the body. For long journeys, therefore, we must not forget about sufficient fluid intake. Eventual acute digestive problems then effectively calms the mixture of bitter yellow and puškvorce. "The yellow yellow and ribbon harmonize the intestinal system and promote proper digestion," recommends Herbalist Jarmila Podhorna of Hope. Also, the buds of some trees are rich in nutrients known for their beneficial effects on the irritated stomach. For example, tinned buds of blueberries and cranberries can be used. Comprehensive care of the digestive system is then provided by Amarit forte, which, in addition to bitter yellow and puškvorce, also contains chicory, mint and liquorice. The combination of these herbs supports and soothes the digestive system, it affects the stomach and also helps in the flow of gas. To prevent nausea, linden buds are very appropriate.

Swollen feet relieve herbal spray

Long sessions in one position and hot weather can especially be felt by women in the form of swollen legs. Susceptibility to swelling of the limbs is related to a malfunctioning lymphatic system and must be addressed by long-term and targeted lymph treatment. On arrival, however, you can partly relieve the herbs. A great helper is, for example, a bath concentrate for the lymphatic system or a herbal spray containing echinacea, watermelon, honey, hops, goulash and geranium. These herbs help to remove harmful substances from the body and help maintain metabolic balance. The spray is applied to a damp skin, let it work and then take a shower, so use it comfortably on vacation.

Quiet sleep will support the horseradish or hops

Long voyages are often associated with night crossings. Not everyone can sleep in the vehicle and regenerate the body sufficiently. Some individuals then suffer from insomnia throughout the trip when they are not in their own bed. A healthy sleep, for example, helps to calm the sleep, which also helps to calm the nervous system under stress and irritation. Other herbal remedies that support the calming of the body and sleep include St. John's Wort, Lime and Baker. An effective combination of herbs is Valocardum containing passion fruit, St. John's wort, horsetail, hops, heart, hawthorn, melon and mistletoe. It is the passion flower or the hops that creates a quiet sleep and helps the soul to relax, and the lily of the valley affects the circulatory system and generally calms the body. The heart rate helps to keep the heart, blood vessels and the nervous system functioning properly. A practical helper on the road can also be a herbal spray for calming and nerves.

Driving encouragement for the driver will bring the devil's root

Traveling by car is particularly demanding for drivers. Unlike other crew members, they are not allowed to fall asleep. However, natural products can also be used to encourage long journeys. "The fatigue of the organism and exhaustion can be helped, for example, by eleuterokok, popularly called the Devil's root, which is known primarily in traditional Chinese medicine. In addition, bacon and shishak serve to strengthen concentration and mental memory, " recommends Jarmila Podhorná.

Summer virosis can be helped by the squid or divisna

Even in the summer months we do not avoid virosis, accompanied by sore throat, rhinitis or coughing. In particular, individuals moving in air-conditioned areas can easily become ill from impaired temperature changes. If you do not want to spoil your vacation, pack your trail with helpers. Beneficial effects on the airways are known tinctures of licorice or garlic. It is advisable to use herbal spray to help with breathing. In the fight against cough again can help divisna velkokvětá. It contains tannins, flavonoids and saponins that soothe the irritated airways, have a beneficial effect on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, dilute the mucus, making it easier to cough, and they also have a protective effect that prevents the mucus from drying out. Not only against viruses, but also for diarrhea, try tincture of grep.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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