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A novel that can force cholesterol to fall

Some people have really high cholesterol problems. Help them with the star of modern medicine - a targeted treatment. Thanks to this unique therapy, cholesterol levels can collapse by as much as half.

Reduction time

High cholesterol is one of the greatest martyrs who contribute to our cardiovascular diseases in our body. It occurs not only because of poor eating habits, but also because of the wrong lifestyle. To a large extent, our genes also contribute to excessive cholesterol. Therefore, sometimes the diet itself is not enough to reduce its levels and we must resort to treatment. A new group of products called PCSK9 inhibitors can reduce the level of "bad" (LDL) cholesterol to values ​​that do not even have a doctor.

Focused on the liver

Cholesterol circulates in the blood, but the liver plays a huge role in its cycle in the body. There, cholesterol particles are formed, transformed, but also trapped and excreted into the bile. Therefore, a number of cholesterol lowering drugs are targeted to the hepatic processes. The most well-known and most widely used drugs on behalf of the statin, for example, block the liver enzyme, which makes cholesterol form. PCSK9 inhibitors, in contrast, support the uptake of blood in the liver.

Exact shuffle

PCSK9 inhibitors are among the so-called targeted drugs. These products, which are already used in the treatment of cancer or rheumatoid arthritis, are actually antibodies produced in the laboratory. And these antibodies have the property that whatever they get in the body, they always act in just one place and there is a task that they have been "trained" in advance. It is possible for them to interfere sensitively in the complex processes of the organism, without causing damage elsewhere. PCSK9 inhibitors are targeted against a protein that is responsible for the destruction of cholesterol "traps" in the liver, and more receptors remain functional and bad cholesterol from the blood disappears. Its level can be reduced to almost half in this treatment .

Emergency help

PCSK9 inhibitors are prescribed in specialized centers. They are only reserved for those patients with high cholesterol who are either not good enough to receive other treatments or for some reason they tolerate it. However, it is possible that this drug group will be deployed sooner - for example, because there are no undesirable effects that are often associated with statins. This is primarily about muscle pain that affects 10-20% of people treated with statins.

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