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Mobile in your pocket or low sleep in workhorses can cause infertility

The cell phone in your pocket has a negative effect on male fertility. Most men regard this claim as a myth, and they do not allow it to concern themselves. Experts, however, point out that modern technology, or even a lack of sleep, actually exacerbates male reproductive performance. What affects the ability of a descendant to do, says a renowned sexologist MUDr. Pavel Turčan.

The mobile phone in the pocket and the notebook on the lap are bumpy

Wearing mobile phones in your pocket directly threatens spermatogenesis. This nagging of most young men is now much more significant than a few years ago. Modern smartphones are practically always connected, constantly transmitting and receiving signals. It acts for a long time and affects male health. The same effect is working with a laptop or tablet on the lap, which additionally heats the area of ​​the genitals unnecessarily and damages the formation of sperm. Men should be aware of these risks and adapt them to the way they work.

Workoholics suffer from a lack of sleep

Young men should be alert to other problematic habits that may cause their reduced fertility. They are mostly associated with higher work demands, resulting in stress and greater burdens. Workers, for example, are a very vulnerable group, as they usually restrict sleep to a minimum and work immediately before falling asleep on the computer. Their sleep is then shallow and poor because the brain is still working. Correct hormone levels are needed for correct sperm production, whereas testosterone plays a major role. This occurs most at night and in the early morning hours, that is, in the phase of deeper sleep, and therefore, these men may have significantly less.

Fertility also affects overweight and smoking. The use of steroids and testosterone for the promotion of muscle mass is pronounced negative. Long-term use may cause permanent infertility.

Fertility will encourage healthy eating

Men, however, commonly underestimate the risks to their fertility and consider them to be unproven myths. However, if they are preparing for conception, they should avoid risky behavior that threatens sperm production, enjoying good quality sleep, thinking about the right way to use mobile phones or laptops, and taking care of the right diet. Especially if they have a higher body weight, they should adjust their diet and think of enough exercise. Sufficient vitamin and trace elements can also be used to effect spermatogenesis. These can also be obtained from dietary supplements that promote sperm formation, such as Fertilan. For the male body is important enough vitamin C and B12, but also zinc, manganese, copper and selenium, which help to boost fertility.

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