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First year in marriage. Do you know what you can and can not?

Although it is said that the wedding bundle is just "a piece of paper", which does not mean anything, yet there will be up to 50,000 weddings every year.

In addition to the promise of loyalty, marriages also imply rights and obligations, as well as new opportunities and obligations, not only to the partner. If you are one of the lucky ones who have married in the past months, we have some brief and practical information for you that can be useful to you at the beginning of your married life.

The law "guarantees" respect and health information

Here are a few facts. Relationships in marriage are governed by the Civil Code, which, among other things, guarantees the possibility of representing one another or receiving information about a spouse's health. Besides, you also have obligations from marriage. The law also says that spouses are obliged to live together, to be faithful, to respect each other's dignity, to promote themselves, to maintain a family community, to create a healthy family environment and to take care of children together.

After the wedding, you will not have a bureaucratic wheel

If you are the one who, together with your partner or partner, also takes his or her surname, a visit to the authorities is awaiting you immediately after the marriage. You must apply for a new ID within 15 days of receiving the marriage certificate. But you do not have to worry about high fees, a new ID card is free. In addition, it is necessary to apply for a new passport and driving license due to the new surname. For a new passport, you will pay 600 CZK for a new driving license starting this July 200 CZK, and you do not need a photo to request.

The travel document expires by expiration of three months from the date of the change of surname, so if you are planning a honeymoon right after your wedding, you can still use your original passport. For a driving license, you must report the change within five business days of the day the change occurred.

You must also report your surname changes to your employer, health insurance company, doctors, vehicle register (if you own a car), trade office (if you do business), energy suppliers, mobile operators, financial institutions and other authorities or institutions. which you are in contact with or whose products you use.

Those who leave their family name can apply for a new ID card where they change their marital status to "married" or "married." But given that the family status is voluntary, you can also leave your original ID card.

My or yours is not valid, then only ours

If you did not sign a pre-marriage contract before marriage, you also marry into the new property regime of so-called joint property of spouses. The common property of the spouses is not what you earned before the wedding, gifts, personal belongings and things acquired in inheritance or restitution. Everything else you get from the moment you become a husband belongs to both of you.

It is both movable and immovable property, no matter how the profit of one of the partners involved. If you think that your husband will not have the right to money in the event of a divorce, which you earn from your salary honestly as a piggy-back while he / she has lost his / her salary with his / her friends at weekend events, you are unlucky. In the event that your nerves break and you want to divorce, it is exactly half the claim. You again have the right to a rental income from your wedding day, although the apartment itself is a partner because it earned it before entering the marriage. The same is true with debts.

Marriage also promises financial benefits

In the sphere of finance, other changes occur in addition to the new property regime. And these are all positive.

If you decide to buy a new joint apartment on a mortgage, reconstruct or buy a new car, you have as a couple of more opportunities to get the necessary finances. In addition, some financial institutions offer special discount products directly for spouses. "Within two years of your wedding, you can use the so-called New Honeymoon to finance, which means you can get a higher loan amount and lower interest rates," says Cyril Křupal, Cofidis Marketing Director.

With regard to the tax area, you can benefit from the common taxation of spouses; in the case of your little spouse care, you can under certain conditions apply a discount to a spouse or spouse. If you are helping your spouse with self-employment, you become a co-worker. You do not need to have your own trade authorization, even here you can save on tax. It is possible to transfer higher amounts of income and expenditure to the cooperating spouse than to other co-workers.

Also, tragic events such as the death of a spouse are better "treated" by marriage. Subject to certain conditions, the surviving spouse or spouse is entitled to a widow's or widower's pension after death.

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