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100 Years of the Republic will commemorate the Harfa Gallery with exhibitions, shows and pilgrimages

Over the past hundred years, their personalities, fashion and traditional entertainment, this autumn will look at the Harp Gallery. The centennial anniversary of the establishment of independent Czechoslovakia will be recalled through the charity exhibition by photographer Angela Purgert, a series of fashion shows, educational boards mapping historical events and personalities, or a period fair program. The first of the events, a photo exhibition, will begin on September 8 with actress Andrey Ruzicka.

Within the 100 years of the event, visitors to the Harfa Gallery will enjoy a series of events to be held from September 8 to October 28. The centuries-old Czechoslovak history will gradually recall the following events:

Exhibition First Republic

Angela Purgert's charity project presents the social atmosphere of the 1920s and 1930s in Czechoslovakia. The author created original photographs that draw from the first Republic, but with a theme they play a little differently. The famous Louvre, Imperial, Slavia or Adria cafes, the Art Deco Imperial, the Ambassador - Golden Goose, the Art Nouveau Palace and the Paris Hotel Prague, the Myšák Patisserie or the National Technical Museum or the Czech Restaurant and Dance Club of the Republic. The shooting took place in the Municipal House, in the Lucerna Palace and in the romantic streets and parks of Old Prague. The First Republic project originated between 2009 and 2018 and nearly 160 people worked on it without a fee. The exhibition will take place at the Harfa Gallery from 8th September to 28th October, and the actress and photographer Andrea Růžičková will also attend the opening ceremony.

Traditional pilgrimage

On Saturday, October 20, you can enjoy a program of fun at Harf, which will take you into a contemporary atmosphere. Jugglers, walkers, acrobats, or blind harmonics will entice the passers-by with their own. The flamenco will capture the audience with both music and painting, and the ruler will measure his strength behind his desk with everyone who calls him to fight. Dedicates who are not afraid to reveal the secrets of the future will answer their questions to the perpetrator. Do you have a broken pot at home? Together he will give him a tinker. The baker or candle will show their way and pass it on to passers-by.

Time fashion shows

What were our grandparents, what models our grandmothers preferred and how long our skirts wore our mothers? Which fashion fads have completely faded from which evergreens have become and which hits are coming back? A hundred years of fashion in Bohemia will remind Harfa Gallery with a series of fashion, hairstyle and masked shows on October 21st.

Cognitive boards

What were our presidents? Which one is the most sympathetic to you? Do you know all our national holidays, and what do we remind them of? Interesting personalities and moments of our history will remind visitors of the Harfa Gallery a school board, which will present the centuries-old Czechoslovakian history in an eye-catching form.

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