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Summer Summer celebrates and invites everyone to the magical oasis of the new circus

August 15 will start the 15th Summer Letná festival and will run until 2 September.

For 15 years already, Summer Summer is a new circus in the Czech Republic. During that time, it became an integral part of both the Czech and European cultural maps. From the very beginning, the festival presents Czech top audiences, relentlessly supports and helps to develop the home scene, and a number of homegroups have helped open the imaginary door to the "world" of the world. " When we started, I honestly believed that the new circus was beautiful, liberal, romantic, creative and exciting. I believed he had a future and that it made sense to persuade the wider audience. And my persistence persists! "Says Jiří Turek, director and founder of Summer Letná. Over the course of 15 years, the festival introduced 1500 remixes, which saw more than 320,000 spectators. Recalling it will be possible also at the exhibition of photographs, which will be on display in the premises. The 15th Summer Letná International Festival will take place from 15 August to 2 September in Letenské sady.


The jubilee annual ceremonial opening of the next Wednesday 15 August will be a spectacular birthday open air. More than 30 artists, clowns, dancers and musicians from the Czech Republic and from abroad, under the direction of genius American director Daniel Gulk, will showcase their skills in a performance that has been specially created for this occasion. It bears the name De Nova Stella , or a new star, and is inspired by the work of astronomer Tycho de Brahe. The show will be shown twice, on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th August, entrance is free of charge.

Over two weeks, a full-fledged program of full-length ensembles and domestic artists is awaiting visitors. The unique experience promises Baro d'Evel Cirk Cie and their performance by Bestias . Elegant dancers, experienced acrobats, musicians, along with proud horses, spirited budgies and malicious crows will drag you into your world, from which you will no longer want to go back to ordinary reality. Adventurers' adventurers Cirque Inextremiste will meet their name and bring a show from which the frost will run. The popular French Akoreacro comes with fresh news. In his performance, Dans ton cœu r tells the story and artificially links top acrobatics with a lot of humor. Bêtes de foire - Petit Theater de gestes in a magical family hat in front of the eyes of the audience revives the world of the nomadic circus. With incredible finesse and nature combines clown comics, juggling, spells and puppets.

Spectators can also look forward to a series of premieres. The Losers Cirque Company will present a brand new air show inspired by Jonathan Livingston Racek. Vít Neznal & kol. to change with his premiere The unbearable fluidity of being headed below the water level. The Bolek Polívka Theater will bring a clown to Leo Sokoli , who has personally supervised the preparation of the theater principal and will show that he is not lying even when you know you are right. Brothers in T-shirt join forces with Holektive and introduce a common hunting romance full of circus trophies called Loving . Next will be VOSTO5, Squadra Sua, Cink Cink Cirk, Collective Momentum and more. More information and ticket sales at .

Summer International Summer Circus and Its Others II will be held this summer . , which takes place from 27 to 29 August at the DISK Theater. The conference, the main organizer of which is CIRQUEON - Center for the New Circus, focuses mainly on the "form and transformation" of contemporary (new) circus practice.

Letná Letná has been an integral part of summer Prague for 15 years, where Praguers and visitors to the metropolis meet for a few hours to take to the magical world of the new circus. This year we can also look forward to the breathtaking show of the world's new circus stars, the largest show of Czech ensembles, clown, juggling, open air performances, music program, workshops, debates, exhibitions, evening concerts and a daily rich program for children.

The production of Bestias is based on the thin line between humans and animals, the animal in us, the intelligence and emotions the animals are capable of, on the fragile bonds of mutual respect and tenderness. In the performance, which looks like a living dream full of horses, birds, dancers, acrobats and musicians, the thin thread of the story is slowly lying in front of our eyes. Baro d'Evel, led by Camille Decourty and Blai Mateu Trias, plays a unique performance that is a true honor to the theater and (new) circus art.

Acrobats from Cirque Inextremiste , which Summer Summer's visitors know from their last performance, Extrêmités, are returning and are more extreme than ever before in their Extension novels. Rémi is now replacing his wheelchair with an excavator, and as Ironman dresses his renowned "Superbike," this machine becomes part of it, adding incredible strength and surprising accuracy. Together, the carousel of unbelievable acrobatic bits will rotate together, and you will get a frost on your back.

With the brand-new Dans ton cœu r, which was now European premiere in Antwerp, the French ensemble Akoreacro will arrive for the audience. This last time, the Prague people charmed Lední Letná three years ago. This time, they will introduce fresh news in which top acrobatics combine to blend in with a good dose of humor and live music, which is an integral part of their novel stories. " In the circus, we are looking for the remnants of folk art, which we have forgotten on the scenes with tinsel. We dream of a round scene reminiscent of the ancient arena. We are dreaming of a fairytale celebration full of merriment that instantly raises the view of the Sapito, "says Jeff Pyko from Akoreacro.

From the country of the Gallic cock is also the Bêtes de foire - petit theater de gestes , which revives the world of the nomadic circus in the magical family's head in front of the eyes of the audience. Their small circus is a great monument to poetry and creativity. Laurent Cabrol and Elsa De Witte et Sokha, with their performance Bêtes de foire, created a place where you can dream, laugh and admire.

The largest show of the Czech New Circus

The popular ensemble Losers Cirque Company has prepared for this year's Summer Summer premiere of the Air Project, based on the book Jonathan Livingston Racek. In the performance with an unexpected point, we are watching a figure who has found the joy and passion for a flight that allows her to go all the way and move the boundaries.

Vít Neznal & kol will introduce a pair of performers. Exclusive premiere of the performance The Unbearable Flowiness of Being , in which the theme of eternal uncertainty and fluid modernity will search, define and spill over in a huge aquarium, will be able to see the audience on the summer scene Summer Letna, which will be this year at Jatky78 . The performance The error will be seen in the festival area at Letná.

In the clown of the Bolek Polívka Theater, Lete sokolím, it is a marvelous friendship of two clowns, Chief of County Breta and her only active member Čenka, who in the old Sokolovna urgently try to prepare for the All-Elephant Fest. Brothers in the T-Shirt will present Summer Summer three times. In the open air they will introduce their popular performance " Běžkařská odysea" and in the Czech tent they will organize Funus , funeral cocktail of black grotesque and poetic paintings mixed with circus disciplines. Third time lucky then join forces with a set Holektiv and co-organize the hunt.

Two bare chairs and a physical dialogue on the background of human relationships, that is Bibi2 of the Czech-Italian duo Circo Frico . The Feel the Universe Circus Company will explore an ambiguous cooperative phenomenon, depending on its direction and goals in the show, with a brief and clear name Collaboration . Cie Pieds Perchés will perform an acrobatic performance Between Speech , a peculiar comedy on WhatsAppu or Instagram, which examines everything we do at a distance in the 21st century at the border of a new circus and movement theater. Collective Momentum will show the audience a room full of desires, fears, memories, dreams and, last but not least, hanging acrobatics. Víťa Marčík introduces the performance of Robinson Crusoe , based on the novel by Daniel Defoe.

A new circus under the summer sky

Unique atmosphere, original stories and excellent acting and artistic outputs attract thousands of spectators to open-air performance of Summer Summer every year. Even this year, the organizers are preparing several "street" shows that are worth seeing. Missing will not be a favorite VOSTO5 and their Standart cabaret. Let's present the fateful story of the most successful Czech skier Bohumil Hanz and his friend Vaclav Vrbata in a Letter-Hello greeting called Tears of Worn Men . Squdra Sua will delight viewers with their theater performance in a grotesque style marinated in a clown called Happy Hour . Cink Circus Circus in the performance called Dukto will celebrate summer, difference and insanity. Students of CIRQUEON under the leadership of Stéphanie N'Duhirahe and Cécile da Costa will be presented as Cirquonauts .

Three thematic festival evenings

As in previous years, organizers have designed a program for visitors to the emerging generation of novocircus artists called Cirksession (27 August ). A Juggle Evening Day (26 August) will take place on the day before, and carefully selected guests will show juggling numbers that convey to the audience that juggling is a distinctive artistic direction and not just clown cliches.
The evening will be a pantomime (16.8.). Both seasoned and emerging young blood will present their short outcomes on 100 years of the republic.

Letní Letná dětem

The varied program is also traditionally prepared for children, and the performances start at 11:00, 14:00, 15:30 and 17:00 and almost all the Czech ensembles and artists working with small audiences are replaced. Named by Václav Strasser , Víta Marčík Theater, KAKÁ Theater , LokVar , Tonda Novotný Theater , Brothers in Tricky or Puppets without Borders . There will be no favorite workshops, Bibliobus Oskar and other accompanying programs. Both small and large visitors will enjoy the interactive Guixot de 8 installation. Guixot de 8 is the first Catalan (probably worldwide) set to change interactive installations on street performances, using Joan Rovirou's "toys" made from materials from collection yards. "Toys" thus transforms the street into a playful space for visitors of any age and skill.

Tickets can be purchased online at . Interested buyers can also buy gift vouchers worth CZK 650 or CZK 1,300, which can be used to buy tickets for any performance.

The Summer Letná International Festival is organized by Gaspard, zs in cooperation and with the support of the Capital City of Prague, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and Prague 7.

The festival takes place under the auspices of the City Councilor of Prague, Jan Wolf.

Summer Letná is an honorary holder of the EFFE brand. We are members of the CAF, Circostrada, Face Europe.

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