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Jan Cina presents KPZ - A box of hellish rescue

The new Czech fairy tale Devil's Witch, directed by Marek Najbrt, will enter cinema this November. The main role of the young devil, improviser and inventor of Boniface, is played by John Cina. Take a look at the scene from the shooting of the scene, which takes place in the middle of the forest.

Devil's Props for the Devil Boniface

"We turn the beautiful scene that takes place in the turkey. My character, the Bonifator, will introduce the properties he's got in hell to make him work in the world, and he's done everything there. It's such a "crap" - a box of hellish rescue, and it contains magical things that can do what landlords do not manage, "says actor Jan Cina, presenting all three miraculous objects.

The box of devil's salvation is dear to Boniface's help in fulfilling the responsible task assigned to him by Lucifer - to deliver a new devil's quill to Pytlov. One day it will happen that the devil's queen, who has so far been fairly writing human sins to all the inhabitants of Pytlov, will cease to function.

Sample here!

Bonifác goes on a journey and his first experience is that the local chessman will steal his magic quill. This is a series of events where Pytlov dominates the local cunning, losers and scammers, who eventually manage to imprison the hell ruler himself. He is at Boniface to find the best qualities in himself and free Pytlov, Lucifer also got the heart of the beautiful Markéta.

The Devil's Witch Fairy tale originates in the creative collaboration of the authors of the highly successful sitcom series and the film about the lobbist Tond Blaník, Blaník's Office. With his artistic conception and often ironic humor and satirical excitement, Čertí brko wants to build on the best traditions of Czech film fairy tale, while telling it in the original way.

The film relies on great acting cast. In the role of Lucifer he presents (more than thirty years since the legendary role in the movie S Čertů nejsou jerty) Ondřej Vetchý, in the role of the young devil Bonifáce, the audience will see the winner of the audience successful TV contest Your face has a well-known voice of Jan Cin, the figure Markéta played by Judit Bárdos.

In the following roles we will see Jan Budař, Mark Daniel, Jan Plodka, Tomas Jeřábek or Václav Kopta.

Producers of the film are Ondřej Beránek and Martin Hůlovec from Punk Film, Czech co-producers of Čertího brka are Czech Television, Michal Bauer and Barrandov Studios.

For the Slovak side, Trigon Production co-produces Patrik Pašš in co-production with RTVS and Magic Lab. In both countries production was supported by state cinematographic funds. The project also received Eurimages support. The premiere of the fairy tale is scheduled for November 2018, and Falcon will be presenting it.

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