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Jan Svěrák introduces the remastered Accumulator

Director Jan Svěrák at the Czech That Film festival in Los Angeles will introduce the digitally remastered sci-fi comedy Accumulator 1 at the Karlovy Vary festival. In the 4K version from July 12, the audience will also see the film in selected Czech cinemas.

"We made the film with writer Jan Slovák quite untraditionally. We went home to the carpet and with our eyes closed, we imagined what we wanted to see in the film. With the inscribed ideas, we then stranded the story. The ideas are there in the end, so many of these films are enough. And that's why I'm so happy to look at the Battery for years, "said director Jan Svěrák.

The most successful film of the year 1994 and the most expensive film of his time in the digitally remastered version will be presented to Czech cinema viewers at 4K in the summer and at the end of the year will be released in limited edition on Blu-ray.

"Without the support of the Czech Centers and Czech Television partners, costly digitization of the film would not have been possible," Svěrák comments, with the fact that hundreds of times the cost of the film's image and sound facelift is borne by the producer himself, which is why only a small number of Czech and Czechoslovak films .

Accumulator 1 won 24 years ago the Czech Lion for editing and the most successful film. In the eight other categories (directing, lead actor, supporting actor, camera, expedition, music, sound, screenplay, audience) was nominated for this award.

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