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August Festival of Love in Shiklan

Music concerts, meetings with adventurers and travelers, children's area and bathing, riding a war car or wedding of the year and original engagement - all this will be offered by the second edition of the original Love Festival. The hideout will be the largest Czech natural amusement park Šikland in Vysočina. The affectionate festival, which focuses on the program for all generations, will be held on Saturday, August 11, 2018. The moderator Leoš Mareš will perform the whole day.

The unusual festival, which is unique in the Czech Republic, opens its doors at 10:00. Ben Cristovao, Ewa Farna, Lollypopz, Maxi or Jakub Smolik and Poetics will perform on the stage. Music, however, will not be the only part of the program. "At the Love Festival, love appears in various forms, of course, love will be among people, love for children, parents. Another theme will be the love of traveling, learning, traveling and the goal itself. In particular, the visitor should take the emotion, whether it will be a desire to ask his girl for a hand, to call his mom, to go to his dream destination or just to the Zoo with his children. Everyone will be able to participate in many competitions for interesting prizes, such as a trip to the sea for two persons worth thirty thousand crowns. Competitions will also include vouchers for clothing and travel equipment and much more, "says Eva Černá from the Sikland Entertainment Complex.

In addition to the great music, visitors will experience encounters with famous bloggers, travelers or adventurers, with Vandraci Vagamundos, a nickname for the traveling duo of Jan Révai and Pavel Liška or Jitka Boháčová, which will bring the world of African massages closer. All the guests will also become guests of the unique wedding of the year, which will be dedicated to the selected and for the time being unknown couple. The event will also include original engagement or off-road riding in a combat vehicle, for children will be prepared for a program in the leisure zone with attractions. There will be no possibility of swimming in the natural habitat.

Tickets for the Festival of Love are available in advance at the price of 390 CZK until July 31st. There will be CZK 420 on site, with children up to 120 cm accompanied by parents having free admission to the event. There will be a parking fee of CZK 100 for the whole festival day. It is also possible to stay in Sikland.

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Festival of Love in Siklan - Program August 11, 2018 :

MAIN STAGE - moderated LEOŠ MAREŠ (11:30 - 22:00)

11:30 Lollypopz
12:30 contest with Lollypopz
13:00 Max
14:00 Contests for children
14:30 Jakub Smolík
15:30 Original engagement
16:00 Poetics
17:00 Wedding of the year
17:30 Cavalier
18:30 Ben Cristovao
19:30 Online On Live - Competitions
20:30 Ewa Farna
21:45 Fireworks show

TRAVEL POINT - moderated by JOSE De La Roca (11:00 - 15:00)

11:30 Foot Bag Show
Jitka Boháčová - Africa Massage
Bushman - Vietnam
The SIKLS - family on the go
14:00 Vandraci Vagamundos
Pavel Liška and Honza Revai and others
Fashion show Bushman
Workshops Foot Bag Show
Mega map - holiday competition and more

hang your wishes on a giant dream trap and fill you
competition for fulfilled wishes
a quiet zone in an Indian village

add the lock to the chain of love

is a giant wall where you can write your message to the Princess or Mr. of God


10:00 - 18:00 Threshing of gold and precious stones at the Gothic cabin
10:00 - 19:00 Attractions for small and large: bow shooting, bouncy castles, electric bull, horse riding ...
10:00 - 19:00 Presentation of the Union pacific train, Safari train and management of the model train model.
10:00 - 19:00 Face painting, airbrush tattoo
10:00 - 18:00 Beauty salon - cosmetics
14:00 - 18:00 Infantry / Offroad polygon rides (to order)
10:00 - 20:00 Swimming in the natural swimming pool / weather

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