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Bumpy back - the most common reason for a doctor's visit and a disability

Problems with your back troubled each other from time to time. What makes us so much stressed on this part of the body and how to effectively relieve the pain?

Backache suffers most

Extensive studies have shown that most people have experienced back pain in their lives, most often in the cross. For example, 80% of the population encountered problems in the United States, and about a third of women and a quarter of men complain about pain in the cross. Backache also has a negative effect on sleep and work efficiency, with cross-problems being the most common cause of incapacity worldwide. Every fifth work injury is associated with back injuries, and more than half of the patients with pain in the cross feed on a sedentary type of job. The risk factor for back pain is also pregnancy - it is about half of pregnant women.

Bad chairs and illness

Back pain can have many causes. Affected can be any of the structures that form the back - muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, intervertebral discs or bones. If any of these elements are in a mess, then it may cause problems with back pain. The causes of back pain can generally be divided into several groups: pain caused by ...

  • this type of pain is based on inappropriate loading or even overloading the back,
  • under this name, there are pains that cause damage to any of the above-mentioned structures by which the back is formed, such as a defect of the intervertebral disc, sciatic nerve inflammation, arthritis, bone thinning or inappropriate curvature of the spine,
  • Back pain can come from our unhealthy lifestyle, which is crowded with long standing or sitting, wearing or lifting heavy objects, or even sleeping on a bad mattress,
  • Pain may also be a symptom of certain diseases, such as spinal cancers, nerve root involvement in the lower spine, spinal infections and surrounding structures or scarring.

Beware of accompanying symptoms

Sometimes the back pain can be thrown into the buttocks or legs. Sometimes, depending on which nerves are affected, it is also transferred to another part of the body. Back problems often go away from each other. However, if any of the following symptoms occur together with the pain, you should preferably see a doctor. This is mainly about:

  • loss of weight,
  • fever,
  • inflammation or swelling in the back,
  • long-lasting backache that does not relax with rest,
  • pain to the feet,
  • urinary incontinence, difficulty with urination or defecation,
  • numbness of the genitals, rectum or buttocks,
  • pain associated with back injury.

The doctor will choose the right treatment

Back pain can be quite successfully prevented if we avoid risk factors. Important is regular exercise, a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D, quitting smoking, weight reduction, proper posture and no back strain.

If your back is hurt, try to relax or troubleshoot the warm tiles. There is also a range of medications that reliably dampen back pain, quickly displacing them with classic painkillers and much more supple ointments with herbal extracts. Physical therapy, such as ultrasound or electrical current, may also be a good choice for someone. You can also try different relaxation techniques. There is also a so-called complementary treatment such as acupuncture, special massage (chia), chiropractic or yoga. In some cases, however, surgery is required.

Because back pain is a complex problem, it is up to the doctor to decide which treatment is right for you.



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