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Are there any muddles to you? 7 Tips to Avoid Autumn Depression

Autumn traditionally belongs to the most challenging times of the year. On the one hand, the more cooler and fading weather and darkness, on the other hand, most companies increase their pressure on their employees before Christmas and demand the best performance at the time. Especially this year when there are few people on the labor market. Perhaps the signs of autumn depression or the onset of burnout syndrome may be overtaking even the most resilient of us. How do you know the problem is on you and how to deal with the situation?

The rise in work and overtime, the need to work on a weekend and the tight workplace atmosphere are, according to a recent Up Up survey, the most frequent negative signs of the current state of the labor market, which may also be the beginning of autumn depression or burnout syndrome. The positive news is that both can be prevented in many cases, or at least with the help of appropriate tools and access to life, to mitigate their impact. Although both terms are often confused, there is a major difference between them, both in the symptoms and in the way they are solved. Do you know where depression ends and burns start?

Falling autumn

It is statistically proven that the arrival of autumn and winter expectation is generally manifested by a deterioration of mood, depression, sadness, greater fatigue, and a greater taste for sweetness. We have become accustomed to this situation as "autumn depression", although depression as a mental illness is not possible in the true sense of the word. Although it is "just" about the seasonal affair associated with a given period, it does not mean that you should underestimate it. Even a seasonal issue can develop a more serious problem.

Even the best ones can burn out

Burn syndrome is, on the other hand, a long-term and gradual process for which emotional and mental exhaustion is typical. Depression differs primarily from the fact that it is mainly related to the work area. "Employees are particularly concerned about the meaning of the job. Burnout syndrome is susceptible to people who enter into work projects with great enthusiasm and then frustration if everything is not planned and there are frequent complications. Both depression and burnout syndrome can interfere with each other.

What to do?

With the onset of burnout syndrome, you should be entrusted to the employer and try to find a solution with him. Sometimes it is necessary to respond relatively quickly, so do not be afraid to ask the employer for a few days off and seek professional help.

With autumn depression you can effectively fight yourself, here are some tips to survive autumn depression and mitigate its effects:

1. Watch what, when, and how you eat.

While in the summer sunny season we automatically have appetite for lighter meals, in the autumn there is a taste of sweet or fleshy dishes. Especially in autumn weather, when there is a risk of incoming bacterial and viral infections, it is necessary to focus on the supply of vitamins. Also important is the ability to make regular meals and eat your meals. If you are at work, do not neglect to pause, do not go to the computer or "in flight." Leave all during breaks and only take your lunch or snack.

2. Meet the people you love.

Together spent parties at social games or a regular ritual in the form of a Friday dinner are seemingly trivial things that can help you maintain relationships. Together with your friends, you will certainly laugh more than when you spend time alone. "On a weekday, you can make a similar regular social event from lunch, which can be a pleasant breakthrough for a busy autumn business day," says Petra Gubikova from Up.

3. Sport and relax

Exfoliated endorphins are a bad mood medicine at any time. Therefore, if it is a bit, you can go for an hour of aerobics or diving or have a swim in the pool. Those who do not sport or do not really like sports can enjoy other forms of relaxation, such as a sauna or cultural experience. Go to the cinema or the theater.

4. Think about balance

Although the boss is pushing you, try to learn in some cases to say "no. The burnout syndrome is often affected by people who can not refuse work, even though they know it will cost overtime. "If the job can not be refused, try at least to ask the boss for overtime or compensation in the form of benefits. For example, thanks to the so-called cafeteria system, you can choose the benefit that will make it possible for you to find the right kind of relaxation, "says Petra Gubíková of Up Czech Republic, an expert on employee benefits.

Rejoice in the trifles

Light your candles at home, search for light sources of light, surround yourself with colorful colors, and enjoy some nice music. According to psychologists, such trifles can affect positively the mood and our feelings quite positively.

6. Enjoy regular sleep

In the autumn, we generally feel tired with a minimum of sun rays and the darkness that surrounds us for much of the day. Try to keep regularity even in your sleep. Fatigue during the day try to drive away the fresh air, if you have a problem sleep, try to find a ritual that will help you. Try, for example, a soothing meditation. The ideal length of adult sleep is around eight hours.

7. You do not have to be everywhere and do everything

The pre-Christmas season itself is quite a hectic period, in recent years rather a sign of high stress than a peaceful enjoyment of Christmas holidays. In addition, christmas parties or school parties and meetings with friends are added to find gifts, bake candy and deep house cleaning. Man to cut himself. But choose what you really want to achieve. No one will definitely mind if the two types of candy are less than usual on the Christmas tray. Getting the Christmas performance of your little schoolboy, which he trained for a few weeks after teaching, could not only hurt you.

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