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The devil has already 90,000 viewers

Who's afraid of a cock? Take a look at the backstage of the fairy tales

The fairy tale for the whole family The devil's principal roles with Judith Bárdos, Jan Cina and Ondřej Vetchý rank among the most successful titles of the past weekend, and at the end of the first week, 90 thousand spectators collected the data.

The devil's queen, who gives the title to the whole film and honestly writes about human sins, comes from the cock. Hell's cock in the movie is not computer-edited, it's the Ayam Cemani breed, which is all black out of nature. Originally from Indonesia, he has only two places in the Czech Republic. Learning to sit him without moving on a perch took two months.

As soon as Bonifác (Jan Cina) goes into the world with a new quilt, one of the local scouts (Jana Budař) steals him. The disgusted devil returns to a farm for a spare property to see a black cock. What happens when the film's chief has a bird phobia? How did Jan Cine master the scene with a live cock? He will give you a video.

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And how it will come out in the fairy tale Devil's Watch will be seen in cinemas. On Sunday 9.12. will be featured in all multi-cinemas and selected one-volume cinemas throughout the Czech Republic under the so-called "Cheap Sunday" for a favored admission. According to previous reviews, Devil's queen is well understood by four-year-olds for the whole family and fairy tale.

It should be added that no animals were injured or shot during shooting!

Other tasks include Marián Geišberg, recently deceased, Markétčin's father, Tomáš Jeřábek and Jiří Maryško, the inhabitants of Pytlov become Marek Daniel and Jana Plodková or Michal Dalecký, and Jakub Žáček will be in the hell.

Cinematographer of the film was Martin Žiaran, architect Henrich Boráros, author of art concept Robert Smolík, art mask Zdeněk Klika and Andrea Kralova costume designer. Pavel Hrdlička cut the fairy tale.

The producers of the film are Ondřej Beránek and Martin Hůlovec from the company Punk Film, Czech Television, Michal Bauer and Barrandov Studios and innogy and Magic Lab. Czech co-producers of Čertího brka are co-produced by Trigon Production Patrik Pašš and RTVS. Production was supported by the State Fund of Cinematography and the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the Plzeň Region and the Vysočina Region. The project also received Eurimages support. Cinemas will feature Falcon.

Producers of the film thank to the partners who supported the fairy tale Devil Witch .
The general partner of the film is Lexum, the main partner is Coop, the partner is Intersnack with the Bohemia brand.
DVD / VOD publishes Bontonfilm and merchandising is provided by Prescogroup.

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