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Stay together or every single?

Maybe you've been walking somewhere that Friday and wondering. You go to the cinema, go for dinner, ride a bike, and everything is as it should be. At least until one of you thinks you can finally get together. Are you afraid at once?

Yes, being "single" is undoubtedly "in" today, free and comfortable on the one hand, but living together also has a lot of benefits. Let's forget the romantic part of your precious morning waking up, you plan three kids, and in the evening you look at the in-love movies sipping a pink wine to sleep with your hand in your sleeping bed. There is also a notable practical side of the coin, which undoubtedly also includes the consideration of the financial benefits and problems associated with coexistence.

Together, but still self-sufficient

No, do not worry, living in a couple does not necessarily mean canceling a separate account and transferring all the money to one "partner". There is a lot of variation in how to manage a partnership. For example, you can split your spending or set up a single shared account to save your household or holiday finance and leave your current accounts at your "pocket money". So you share the common expenses and at the same time you will not lose your financial independence. In addition, if you experience a minor work-related crisis, longer-term illness or similar inconvenience that you will not be able to meet your obligations for some time, you always have a "reserve" in your partner.

Together for cheaper housing

If you live in a rented apartment, you will save a considerable amount of money when you move to one apartment a month. You will save even if you decide to rent a bigger flat if you are not going to get from 1 + kk on the periphery to 5 + 2 in the historic core of the city. In addition, if you decide to buy a new joint apartment on a mortgage or to reconstruct, you certainly have more options to get the necessary finances. On the one hand, financial institutions offer a special benefit to couples in the form of partnership loans, and then your reliability increases, because in two, the risk of inability to repay the loan falls.

Spend two more expenses

Together, you will save, in addition to living alone, other costs such as energy. Even if you back up your energy back in two, it will never be twice what you pay now. So if your partner does not use a full hot bath twice a day or does not decide to serve St. John's Wort daily, so he does not relax. On the contrary, whether you cook for yourself or your partner, you consume a similar amount of energy. You will also save charges for other services such as internet or cable.

Do not overlook the "secret" savings

In addition to some daily spending, there are also items that do not have to be seen at first sight. You can save considerable amounts by adjusting some regular payments, such as flat-rate phone payments, accident insurance, or loan repayments. E.g. thanks to Partner Consolidation, couples have the option of merging all the loans of both partners into one, thus earning lower interest and a monthly installment. "This is true for this product only if they live in a common household," notes Cyril Křuppal of Cofidis.

Even the piggy is getting faster

If you are not earning so much, that you can easily buy all your needs and desires, life in two gives you the right opportunity to fulfill them. New car, fridge or room furniture? All of this, in two people, is simply easier and quicker. In addition to unexpected costs such as repairs, you can participate together, so even if such situations are often unpleasant, they are not as "painful" in the final as if you were themselves.

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