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Artificial Intelligence in Smartphones will make it easier for you to travel and watch your diet

Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, is currently the most ambiguous concept in mobile technology. Pioneer in this direction is Huawei, which introduced the second generation of AI smartphones in October last year. Its devices prove that artificial intelligence is not just a trendy marketing move, it is a technology that really simplifies everyday life.

Ideal travel guide

When traveling to exotic landscapes, it may happen that all banners or meals in the restaurant will be uncompromising in the local language. Huawei has adapted an artificial intelligence interpreter for these situations, which offers image, written and audio translations of texts. The smartphone instantly translates to an unreadable text, making real-time translation even without an internet connection.

The software translator is not the only example of how AI makes life easier when traveling. A practical guide to the HiVision is also a practical guide. Just point the camera to a selected cultural monument, and the smartphone tells you everything that matters. This feature is currently available for monuments in 15 countries around the world.

Smart shopping

HiVision's advanced features also greatly facilitate on-line shopping. Point your smartphone's camera to your subject of interest, and Artificial Intelligence automatically detects and finds the e-shops where the product is available. Buying a product is a matter of a few tapes.

Currently, this feature is linked to over 200 global online stores and approximately 100 branded internet stores. Together, it gives consumers the choice of more than 120 million purchase items.

Caller guardian

If you belong to those who watch weight, you will appreciate the calorie measurement function. Focusing on the camera automatically displays its estimated energy value. The function is based on the ability of artificial intelligence to recognize objects (and thus food), but it can also take into account the size of the portion. The HiVision Calorie Counter currently recognizes over 100 different foods and meals.

Photostudio directly on the phone

Another sculpture is Master AI, the auto-optimization of the photo composition that is part of the camera's settings. He uses artificial intelligence to recognize objects and landscapes, and thus transforms the amateur view of the work of art. And without the need for any manual intervention.

Huawei has been proven to be a pioneer of artificial intelligence in mobile devices - the last time it happened in October last year when it introduced the Mate 20 series with the Mate 20 Pro flagship model. It is considered by many users to be the best smartphone of today. Artificial intelligence of the second generation also has significantly cheaper models from Huawei, such as P smart 2019. But Huawei's technological advancement will soon advance to another level - 24th February will present at the MWC 2019 exhibition in Barcelona a new addition of technological innovations and innovative products.

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