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dTest: How to choose a safe e-shop?

Many people prefer the convenience of online shopping in front of demanding shopping centers. Poor selection of online shopping can lead to later complaints or demanding enforcement of consumer rights. How to choose the right e-shop and not burn?

Simple universal advice does not exist, but they are the principles that pay to be respected. The main recommendation is not to just refer to the basic price of advertised goods, to pay the goods in advance, to check the e-shop information from multiple sources and to pay attention to the business conditions.

Differences in prices reach hundreds and thousands of crowns for the same goods in individual stores. "You can quickly get the first look at price rangers that collect a range of deals in one place. Not always are all bidders in a particular comparator, but it is not always best to buy right from the top. The planers are a commercial project that has to earn money for its operator. Additionally, the price does not tell the seller and it is good to verify other facts, "says Lukáš Zelený, head of the Legal Department of the consumer organization dTest.

The second most common problem is the delivery date. The merchant confirms the order, but immediately informs the customer that the goods in stock in his speech means he should expect it at the earliest in 14 days. If you are in a hurry to buy, it is good to confirm before ordering where the goods are stored and how long it takes to deliver.

The fact that the website is in Czech does not mean that it can not be operated by someone from Poland, Slovakia or Hungary. Thanks to various forwarding companies or distribution depots, foreign operators can compete with our domestic businesses as well. "Theoretically, nothing changes in your rights, but when you choose to return the goods, the postage abroad will definitely go wrong rather than returning it to the Czech e-shop. Find out in advance where the e-shop is actually located and from where to send the goods, "says Lukas Zeleny.

Even without a lawyer, basic things can be noticed in business terms. The Civil Code states that contracts and business conditions are to be readable and comprehensible in order to understand them as normal people. They should not contain small letters, hidden links or surprising provisions, at the same time they should not be extremely long. If you check your consent to anything, you should get through the simple link to what you agree with.

Confidence in the anonymous Internet environment gives e-shops user reviews. However, they need to be treated critically. "No one can guarantee that a few positive reviews have been made by the businessman on his own site, or he has not hired an advertising agency that he cares for positive feedback. Additionally, a number of reviews will concern only questions of speed of purchase, delivery, and whether the goods were okay. There is often a lack of customer experience as the business handles complaints after they have positively evaluated it in the comparator. The database of consumer experiences, whether individual traders voluntarily solve consumers' complaints or prefer dead beetles, can be found at , "says Lukáš Zelený.

Gray imports, or goods "not coming from official distribution", are not at first sight very different. The same phone can be bought in the Czech market just like in the Chinese market and unofficial imports from different parts of the world are paid to traders. If you order it yourself in a Chinese store, you probably will not be able to count on claiming it. Transport costs would exceed the cost of ownership. Many retailers buy similarly, and then the service looks like that. The customer has a right to claim goods, however, the brand service will usually refuse him.

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