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Plastic breast surgery is celebrating an anniversary, asking for more and more women

The very first mammalian silicone implant in the world left Timmie Jean Lindsey, then a nearly thirty-year-old mother of six children, on March 16 57 years ago in the United States. And it started such a big boom. Only in 2017, according to the International Organization for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), more than 3,200,000 interventions were carried out, which is 4% more than in the previous year.

Even in the Czech Republic, interest in breast sculptures is increasing and augmentation is one of the most frequent performances of aesthetic plastic surgery. "Physicians are developing ever more sophisticated breast treatment techniques, and breast implants, including their composition, have undergone development. The principle is basically the same, "says MUDr. Jiří Bayer, a sought-after plastic surgeon from the GHC Clinic Prague. She also uses her microsurgery skills during her breast surgery - especially the softness and care she trained in the microsurgery session in Taiwan. In addition to aesthetic treatments, breast reconstruction is often done after oncological illnesses, so the issue of female breasts - their shape and size - is really perfect.

The most beautiful breasts? Approved by a doctor, dreamed by a patient

Fine tissue handling, precision, care and patience. These are the advantages of a microsurgery by the physician even in aesthetic plastic surgery by MUDr. Bayer performs at GHC Clinic Prague as he finds. "I'm thinking here, let's say, defects in beauty. This includes breast augmentation, shrinking or breast modeling, "he says. In order to create ideal breasts, it is the most important thing to make a match between the doctor and the patient. "Some women want a natural look. And then there are those who want a bigger magnification. Sometimes, however, our ideas will not turn out. And then, despite my explanation, why their choice is not rational or technically feasible, they harden on their own, I like to confide such clients in the hands of my colleagues. I know from experience that they will be so circumventing plastic surgeons until someone has surgery, "says Dr. Bayer, who still has just a few open windows on the operating plan. Performs up to 10-15 plastic operations per week, roughly between 700-800 performances per year. "Aesthetic plastic surgery now accounts for about one-third, and this proportion is increasing," says Dr. Bayer.

Besides breasts, it often corrects eyelids and an aging face (facelift), liposuction based on fat removal or abdominoplasty - most often in women after birth or in men after significant weight loss.

Versatility to the ideal

While the private clinic of GHC Praha addresses breast augmentation or breast augmentation or its modeling, it tends to shrink it in state facilities. And a large part of his work is also breast surgery after oncological diseases. "I think it is a fundamental mistake when younger colleagues with the vision of money spend all their time only on aesthetic surgery and resign to other necessary skills to help patients. I know surgeons who perform abdominoplasty and do not know how to deal with the stomach in this operation, "says MUDr. Bayer, who also specialized as a microsurgeon.

The basis of microsurgery, which is dominated by just between 30 and 40 physicians in the Czech Republic, is by Dr. Bayer's manual skill. This is necessary when operating small blood vessels - so that the blood can flow in them. For nerves, the operator must combine the individual bundles of fibers. All this thin as a human hair, with the help of fine instruments and under a microscope. "As a microsurge, I can stitch my fingers or my whole arm, sometimes we use the tissues from the stomach to reconstruct the missing breast without the need for an implant. And in my practice in Taiwan, I learned how to move my fingers from the leg to the missing fingers of my hand, "says the doctor. And he remembers how the Taiwanese Master, Professor Fu-ChanWei, has chosen young doctors to his team: "He let them take small beads with their chopsticks."

With the scarf and the scalpel

Dr. Bayer's similar skills also apply to fencing, which is his big hobby. He's been working for him for ten years. "I started with the historical sword with the Italian rapier. Then I did sport fencing. I changed the cord and the saber. And finally, I returned to the historical saber. She enjoys the most fun now, "he says.

The fencer and the surgeon join the relaxed hand. "The cord, as well as the scalpel, must resiliently feel the resistance of the tissue or rival blade. There is a big mistake here on the saw, "he says. As a surgeon, he is assisted by a good physical condition acquired by sports. This is particularly suitable for longer operations. "At the longest I operated a patient with a heavy hand injury - ten hours without a break," concluded Dr. Bayer.

Do you know that ...?

MUDr. Jiří Bayer (1981) graduated from the Faculty of General Medicine, Charles University in Prague. As a surgeon he started at the hospital Na Františku, from 2015 he is the chief physician of the department of adults at the clinic of plastic surgery at the Královské Vinohrady University Hospital and is a specialist assistant at the 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University. At GHC Prague, where he has been practicing aesthetic plastic surgery, he has been operating since 2015. His hobby is fencing and running.

The Czech scientist Otto Wichterle was also involved in the development of the first Czech breast implant in the 1960s. They were not a silicone but a special hydrophilic gel from which the first contact lenses were made.

Plastic surgery was recognized as the first in the world in our country, in Czechoslovakia. It was thanks to Professor Arnold Jirásek , the then President of the Medical Chamber, with the great contribution of Dr. Burian, when in 1932 Plastic Surgery was the world's first recognized as a single discipline and as such also lectured to students of the Medical Faculty of Charles University.

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