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Almost half of people are dependent on work.

According to a recent OnePoll study, less than half of people consider themselves to be workaholics, but about 30% of them admit that their dependence on work is due to the need to make enough money. One of the main signs of workaholism is, for example, the lack of holiday. Czech employees are also at risk in this respect, of which more than a fifth do not choose even half of their statutory leave.

According to the latest OnePoll survey, 48% of people consider themselves to be workaholics, people dependent on work. On average, they work four hours a week overtime, free of charge, and for the next four hours they just take their work thinking out of the week. However, according to the study, almost three in ten people admit that their dependence on work does not stem from the desire to succeed, to do a good job or to make their jobs so much, but from the need to make money.

“Workaholism is often not only perceived as a 'good' dependence in our culture, because it is often connected with diligence by people. But, as the aforementioned study illustrates, many people who classify themselves as workaholics have been pushed to this dependence by external influences, not by some intrinsic internal settings. And many of them would certainly like to break out of this dependence, because sooner or later they will be affected by its negative consequences - the deterioration of health caused by stress and rework or the break-up of relationships - but they cannot afford it just because of the pressure from the outside, for example the employer, or because of that financial dependence, ”says HR manager Gabriela Kodenková from, which focuses on recruiting technically oriented employees.

How does work dependency actually manifest? Workaholics think about their work over the weekend or on the day off, they feel too busy to take a vacation and check their work email immediately after waking up - these are the three most common symptoms. The Czechs are also lagging behind in drawing sufficient leave for their regeneration. According to the latest survey, only less than a third of people chose the entire vacation, while 22% of respondents did not even manage to choose half of their legal leave.

Moreover, according to experts, Czech employees in recent years prefer to choose more holidays, but shorter ones, which is not ideal for rest. "In order to rest properly, gain physical and mental strength and recover from work-related stress, one should spend at least a two-week uninterrupted holiday. Otherwise, it is at risk of burnout or collapse, ”says Gabriela Kodenková. These symptoms may also be accompanied by withdrawal symptoms similar to other addictions: for example, when a workaholic cannot work, he is irritated or lethargic or has physical discomfort.

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